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Cascade Springs

2812 West 8580 South

West Jordan, UT 84088



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 Recommended
Reviewed 12/08/2012
i have lived here for several years and i LOVE the space and room we have more than alot of apartments out there. it has it good sides and bad.... if you can get over the bad then its a great place to live but this is our last year rent keeps going up. GOOD-- -most the staff is great.... -Space bedrooms are good sized -windows are double pained cuts out a lot of noise not ALL but most (a lot better than our last place) -area i love it here our old place we had cops almost daily kids where never outside playing here its quite hardly see cops and kids are always outside playing like how we as kids grew up i love that feeling. -pool and hot tub are nice NOT SO GOOD AC on the Deck every time it kicks on you'd think your apartment was ready to take flight as well as the garbage disposal Good hell -the faucets are CHEAP PLASTIC..... Seriously?? you cant spring for METAL ones?? all the appliances are the CHEAPEST model from 15 years ago and have no been replaced or any kind of upgrade OVEN CHEAPEST MODEL- has NO WINDOW so you have to open it to see your food which that lets all the heat out, and you only get 1 big burner have you ever tried to cook spaghetti and meatballs or anything for a FAMILY?? a 15 minute meal takes about 30-40 minutes to cook cuz you only have ONE big burner. the paint under the knobs (high, medium, low warm) are WORN OFF you just guess. our ------ apt we came from had a better "older" over then this place, FRIDGE- CHEAPEST MODEL its tiny and SUCKS its either to warm or too cold so your food either ROTS or Freezes.. took them a WEEK AND A HALF to come look at it and all he did was tell me dont let it touch the sides and turned it down, ok yeah lets just cut my fridge space more please. DISHWASHER--- UGH it is not a "DISHWASHER" its a drying rack in our house cuz i hand wash everything so i know its clean (even our ------ apt had a dishwasher that WASHED our dishes) it leaves gunk and a film on the dishes (and yes i pretty much wash them before i put them in)and have tried every cleaner, plus it leave spots as well the "jet dry" feature is missing the lid and it doesn't work anyways the paint job here HA HA HA thats funny it never got a coat they "lined it" but never painted it and the carpet OH MY GOD im sure its as old as these apartments its MATTED and Stained and DISGUSTING... i have cleaned it several times and had someone clean it and its still DISGUSTING and the HUGE cat litter boxes outside??(playground) gross... i mean this place is NO PETS but someone here likes to feed the and care for the "outside" cats which use the playground as a litter box and then spray the apartments to mark their spot so the walkways STINK and then they mate with each other so there are stray cats everywhere... Not sure how the big maintenance man got his job hes pretty clueless... i have never had a maintenance man be so clueless in all of the places Ive ever rented.. i quit reporting maintenance issues and fix em my self cuz #1 ill get them done sooner then ol tubby and #2 i know more then he does. and the other one i think he just cleans the grounds. and for winter time dont expect the walks to be done right away they get done when they want.. and the snow blower is pretty useless it doesnt get all the snow off so when it freezes you better hold on to your --- so you dont slip. these are my thoughts hope they help for the most part i have been happy here (love the space mostly and the area thats what keeps me here) but at one point they need to invest back to the apartments cuz i know Triton has money they have several community's and i know what people pay
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Cascade Springs

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