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River Oaks Apartments and Suites



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Office Staff
Resident 2008 - 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/08/2010
We've lived here for a little over 2 years. The bad out weigh the good at this place-espicially for a family with kids. The good is, the maitenence guy is very quick and very good about fixing things. The apartment itself is clean and has a big kitchen which is hard to find in other apartements. The management when we moved in was terrible. The new management is definitely a step up but they are very short with you and on occassion really rude. The bad is, the apartments aren't very sound proof. The cars are right up against our window no sidewalk or anything seperating it so we hear everyone getting in and out of their car at all hours of the night and morning plus we see their head lights. I know some of the buildings have a sidewalk and grass area inbetween but there are a couple of sides that don't so if you do decide to move here request one that has some seperation. We hear our neighbors upstairs all the time. Like if they are out on their porch I can tell you exactly what they are saying in their conversation. We hear our neighbors downstairs too but I wouldn't say they are loud in general, just poor construction of the apartments. There is no storage closet outside which surprised us when we moved moved in. There is a huge closet in the master bed but I don't think it makes up for the space that a storage closet plus a closet in the bedroom has. They do have shelves built into their closets which is really nice. Parking is an absolute nightmare. They do give you one reserved space. You either have to get lucky to get one of the few parking spots available by your building or park at the top which can be quite a walk depending on what building you're in. I'm sure they made parking the way it is so that you would have more reason to rent a garage. There are hardly any sidewalks and a lot of blind spots. I'm surprised there hasn't been a ton of kids hit. The playground is not that great and much of the time has tall weeds growing in it. The lawn particularly around the playground is terrible. There is more dirt and weeds than there is grass. They don't do a very good job of keeping the dog garbages emptied they are often full (which starts to stink especially in the summer). They do put out bags for people to use but they often run out. They don't clean up after the people who don't clean up after their dog so the one big grass space they have is pretty useless since it's a mine field. The pool is kept up really nice but it's closed a lot for maitenence.
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River Oaks Apartments and Suites

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