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Serengeti Springs Apartment Community

7898 Serenera Way

West Jordan, UT 84081



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 - 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/06/2016
We used to love Serengeti... Even recommended it to several others.... but not anymore! It seems pretty far west, but with Mountain View Corridor you can get just about anywhere quickly. There's also a new Smith's and McDonald's not even 3 minutes away, and new places are going to keep going on to that shopping center so that's awesome. The apartment manager here is awful. He refuses to take accountability or responsibility for anything. He avoids conflict like the plague but that leaves residents (1) feeling like they can get away with anything, and (2) feeling like there on their own to handle any issues. To their credit, there are monthly movie nights during the summer, a summer pool party, Halloween party (and they turn the leasing office in to a haunted house), valentines crafts for V-day, and a monthly newsletter so that's pretty cool. The apartments themselves are pretty nice. Each unit has a microwave mounted above the range which saves us a bunch of counter space. Each unit also has washer/dryer hookups. Dogs are allowed (except bully breeds) and there's a little dog park on the property. There are pet waste stations but they're frequently out of bags; not because people actually use them to pick up poop, but because kids use them to decorate the trees, slide down the hill upon, and anything else they can think of to destroy the property (which they get away with because, again, no conflict). The grounds are often a mess. The one poor maintenance/grounds guy is older and you can tell exhausted....thus he's not as efficient at his job. Spiders and mosquitos are an issue bc the grass is so over watered it's like a swamp...all the time. Snow removal used to be awesome and this last year it was atrocious; several residents fell but management didn't care and you're lucky if walk ways are cleared before 10 am. Maintenance also goes home at 3pm so if it snows or gets icy after that, good luck. Speaking of going home early, the office is either poorly scheduled or understaffed. They FREQUENTLY close 1-2 hours early with no warning. So, if you leave work just in time to get to the office to pick up a package that has been delivered, there's a good chance they already closed. These apts are some of the most sound proof we've ever lived in. Yes, we can hear our upstairs neighbors when they shout bloody murder at each other, and we can hear kids upstairs when they're practicing for marching band...but other than that we hear nothing. We only sometimes hear them have sex, don't hear them pee, don't hear their tv (all issues we've had with other apts). The multitude of unruly children outside, however, scream bloody murder all the time and even if you report repeat offenders, other parents just don't care. The kids also leave their toys and trash everywhere. W/s/t is included at a flat rate in the rent, so you never pay for your neighbor's over usage. Starting August '16 you'll be forced in to an internet package... But good luck finding out details, the office knows nothing. Second hand smoke is a problem. Smokers everywhere!! If you talk to Jena about any issues she will definitely step in and try to help when it becomes a nuisance... Other staff tells you they'll help, then they do nothing and just hope you won't bring it up again. Used to love Serengeti...but now it's just as average as most other mediocre communities which is a shame because from what I understand Triton Investment (the owners) put a lot of thought in to this community after they fell in love with Africa on a trip. Also.... There is no after hours security. None. It says there is, there isn't. Serengeti cancelled them to save money but didn't tell the residents (this is straight from the company Serengeti advertises works there).
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Serengeti Springs Apartment Community

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