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Serengeti Springs Apartment Community

7898 Serenera Way

West Jordan, UT 84081



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 Recommended
Reviewed 08/09/2010
I have to start by saying that I have read the other posts, good and bad. I find some of the negative things very harsh, as well as some of the responses. Type on here your opinions, that is what it's for. There is a lot of truth to some of the negative comments, some of them I am sure are isolated incidents. Cut and dry, this my opinion. The outside of the apartments are nice, as well as the clubhouse and the pool. They have onsite childcare and many nice playgrounds (nice, as long as there is not garbage or PET feces), and two basketball courts. I am not sure how the childcare facility rates, because I do not have a child there, but it would be convenient. The "streets" are narrow with many blind spots so even if you are a careful drivers child or a car might pop out at any time, especially if there are cars speeding through an already dangerous parking lot. Parking is ok, except I am not sure why some peoples assigned spots are so far from their apartment. There is a "no pet" policy, or so I understood when I moved in, yet there are pets everywhere. The grounds seem nicely kept. That is all for the outside. As for the amenities, the weight room IS small and smelly, and some machines don't work. It is convenient however for those that do not have the extra money for a gym membership. It IS also a 24 hour accessible gym as long as you have the key they give you for the amenities. The pool is nice and has covered areas, a fountain for the kids, and a hot tub. Almost daily though, there are unsupervised minors there, jumping and splashing as kids do. The management does seem to have a problem enforcing their own rules (pet, safety, and noise). The bathrooms at the pool need your amenity keys to enter and exit, sort of unsafe as you have to sort of jiggle the handle a certain way to open the doors. The laundry room is a cesspool any way you look at it...best to spend the $30-40 a month to rent them for your unit if you don't have your own (seriously, use at your own risk). Lastly, on to the apartments themselves, cheaply built. Poor paint used throughout from the front door to the back wall. Peels off with hardly any effort. My 93 year old grandmother could remove it with a breath and a cloth. Honestly afraid to try cleaning it anymore. The bedroom/ bathroom/closet doors are lightweight easily damaged wood(?) as is used in many "economy" apartments. The kitchen sinks are a VERY lightweight aluminum, and it feels as if it will tear off in your hand when you move it from one very shallow sink to the other. The blinds they use are low quality (as in most apartments), and the vertical blinds in the living rooms fall out if you look at them cross-eyed. The bathrooms are nicely sized and are set up well. In a two bath though, the master is relatively tiny. I really like the floor-plans here for the most part. The living rooms in the two bedrooms are a good size but sort of split into what seems to be two areas that are not so big. In the three bedrooms, the living/dining room areas are spacious, but the kitchen takes the hit here. Overall, I like it here, even if there is a laundry list of short comings. The staff is nice, if not scary nice. It is tons better than other places I have lived, even if slightly overpriced and inconveniently located a few miles from shopping and entertainment. If you work in town, better not drive a Hummer, just a suggestion. I like it here, bur my family and I will probably have to move AGAIN at the end of the lease just because of the rent. I hope this helps anyone looking to move into Serengeti Springs, look with your own eyes, check out the things I have mentioned, and see if it is something you can live with. Happy hunting!
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Serengeti Springs Apartment Community

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