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Serengeti Springs Apartment Community

7898 Serenera Way

West Jordan, UT 84081



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Office Staff
Serenot • Resident 2010 - 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/25/2011
Upon review the complex found it to be a pretty nice place to live thought would be a good area to have my kids be around and knowing the manager since high school would have thought that would make it that much better HOWEVER THAT IS NOT THE CASE!!! Where do i start ahhh... Management is poorly chosen the assistant that works there is not much brighter then your neighbors dog really only takes a sentence of her talking to know what i am talking about, 2. The manager although i knew him personally honestly it is sad to see that he has no communication skills, Why would a company put someone who has to interact with the public put someone in charge with the inability to take action or take initiative on situations is a huge concern to me and the saying goes "it is all about who you know" puts a new meaning. Had a few encounters with him as far as getting blamed for multiple things from my neighbors for starters "smoking" cigarette butts laying all over the area but sure enough have a note on my door stating i need to pick them up or place them in a designated area etc etc... HELLO FOOL I DON'T SMOKE!! 2. Getting a notice to comply or vacate due to excessive noise???? Really the next door neighbors have the cop's literally show up at 2AM asking them to turn there music off some how i get a notice. No sense of Ownership in management lack of knowledge and Work ethics. To make matters worse last summer in 2010 one of the Neighbors kids screamed when she notice a DEAD MOUSE!! in one of the POOL'S FILTERS!!! Who knows how long it had been sitting there only took literally 2 minutes and the whole pool area which had been filled with people frantically left in a hurry with there kids i am no pool maintenance guy but don't you have to check the quality of the water every so often??? For the Winter time forget about maintenance ever working or doing anything, it is TRULY SAD!!! to see people who live there buying salt bags and shovels because the main walk ways are never cleared or properly taken care of BY THE STAFF!!!!. Sad to see a good complex with a lot of potential be run by Just got Out of High School staff poor screening on upper managements part. Hopefully upper management can truly take initiative on there property before it keeps getting bad publicity and poor reviews.
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Serengeti Springs Apartment Community

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