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Serengeti Springs Apartment Community

7898 Serenera Way

West Jordan, UT 84081



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grap112ler • Resident 2010 - 2011 Recommended
Reviewed 08/21/2011
My wife and I lived in these apartments for about 10 months from summer 2010 to summer 2011. Taking everything into consideration, these were the best apartments either of us have ever lived in. We moved into one of the last buildings completed, so we were the first tenants to ever occupy our apartment, which was nice. Compared to most apartment complexes, the walls were actually pretty well insulated to sounds. Of course we could hear the neighbors above when they would crank up the music, and faintly here the crying baby below, but the sound was better insulated than other apartments we have lived in. It's an apartment, you're going to hear neighbors, that's just the way it is. Also, the walls seemed to be well insulated from outside weather. We were living on the second of three floors which I'm sure helped, but our utilities were very cheap each month compared to other places we have lived. Also, we weren't charged for water/sewer/trash like at some places. The kitchen area was average for an apartment, but seemed small relative to the rest of the apartment. The cabinets seemed to be abnormally high, so you'll probably need a stool. Also, just a minor pet peeve for me, but the sinks were not very deep, which I found to be very annoying at times. The apartments come with a laundry room, but no washer or dryer. Those can be rented for like $30 or $35 per month. We just bought a cheap pair. Living room was well designed and could have easily accommodated a couch and love seat. Off of the balcony, there was a huge (for an apartment) storage closet. It measured about 3 ft wide by 8 feet long by about 8 feet high. Biggest storage closet I have ever seen in an apartment. The master bedroom was huge. It measured something like 16 or 17 ft by 12 or 13 feet. If a person wanted, you could easily fit a formal sitting area in the bedroom like some people do in their house. We have a king bed, and had space to spare in that room. I just can't emphasize how long that bedroom was. The walk-in closet was also huge. My wife and I easily fit all of our clothes, a dresser, and all of our linens/towels/extra bedding in it. We lived in the 2bd/1bth model, and I think the closets are smaller in the 2bd/2bth models. The second bedroom was average size for an apartment, but had a large closet for a second bedroom. I must comment that instead of having sliding doors on the closet, they were french door style, which was annoying. The bathroom was very large also, with decent storage space. Be aware that the 2bd/1bth model apartment has a different bathroom set up than you might get, which really irritated us for the first month or so after we got into our apartment. Also, this probably sounds weird, but the tub/shower floored was raised abnormally high. Not a big deal until you almost fall getting out of the thing. Might be an issue with kids/elderly persons. Maintenance people seemed pretty prompt about snow removal, but our area was always the last to get serviced being it was the furthest from the office. My wife says that if you called to complain about ice, those guys were right on it, though. Parking was never a problem. They give you one covered spot included with the apartment. These apartments are literally in the middle of no where. Unless you work on the west side of the valley, you will have quite the drive to work. Getting to downtown Salt Lake is actually not that bad, though. The apartments are right next to Bachus Highway, so you just take Bachus to the 201, then into downtown. Probably about a 30-minute drive. We never heard noise from Bachus Highway in our apartment, but some neighbors did complain about the noise. For us, the area was nice and quiet. This has to be the windiest place on earth, haha, but you're probably used to that if you're from Utah. Also, it sits higher up than the rest of the valley, so you'll get appreciably more snow than other areas of the valley. I never had problem with snow on roads, but some people did complain. Just leave earlier and it's no big deal. Internet and cable options sucked when we lived there, but I think Qwest has increased internet speeds since we left. Had we not moved to California, we would have stayed here for at least another year. We really enjoyed living here.
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Serengeti Springs Apartment Community

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