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Serengeti Springs Apartment Community

7898 Serenera Way

West Jordan, UT 84081



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wbbuch • Resident 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/27/2013
My wife and I just moved in less than a month ago. And for the most part are happy with our decision. There are a few things we absolutely love, such as: the price, the size, and the styling. And with that some things we'd like improved: The carpets - although they're nice and soft, they are so loose and saggy that you could trip on the buldges, a good carpet repair man could re-stretch them, but I get the feeling that if they spent money on that sort of thing they'd have to charge more. The patch jobs on the doors - sure they patched them so I'm not looking at holes in the doors but come on, who wants a brown door with white spots on it? very tacky in my opinion. The noise - now this may not be so much the apartments problem as much as the stupid people who live above us' problem, but the squeaky ceiling and constant thumping from above is quite irritating The TV/Cable services offered - This would be my number 1 issue with this complex and would be cause enough for me to not rent here again. To help understand me, I am a huge comcast fan. I love the speed and ease of use they offer. unfortunately comcast is not offered here due to an exclussive contract between the community and "ygnition cable". Now it might not be so bad, but when checking into ygnition you find out that they offer only 2 speeds of internet, slow 1.5mbps or Snail slow @ 786 KBPS (yes KBPS for those not familiar this is the speed of that old dial up modem you used with aol in the early 1990's) Too me this is just very unacceptable and the apartment management should end this exclusive contract and let in a company that actually knows how to run it's business. It wouldn't be so bad if there was a second option but the only other 2 options are century link or satelite dish, and when the dish doesn't work because the tree outside has 1 branch that sticks out too far don't expect the management to help by removing said branch, they have a very strict "landscaping stays untouched" policy. Which I guess would be ok if Century Link could keep up with the demands but since they're the only one in the community slightly less than terrible internet everyone uses them. So trying to stream netflix or hulu during peak hours will not work without buffering about 20 times an hour. If you enjoy watching TV, or enjoy playing games or doing really anything on the internet stay away from this complex. The pool - It's a very nice pool, however it seems to be closed more than it's open. And so far it's always the same excuse, "the chemicals are off" well, let's get the chemicals on and open up the pool. been here a month and only been able to swim one time. kind of sad really. All-in-all, the staff is super nice, the apartments are good sized, and it's affordable. The rest, take it or leave it, it's nothing special.
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Serengeti Springs Apartment Community

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