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Willow Cove



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abclogger • Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/23/2012
Where to start?????? First off in the last 3 months i have recived notices telling me that my rent is anywhere from .30cents short-2.00 short becuase "their computer told me the wrong amount." I love our neighbors they are really nice and helpful, pools ok. parking is o.k. kind of uskcs when people park illegaly (ie: sideways, double parking etc) and the "security" doesnt do anything about it. We moved in here Janurary of 2011 and have had problems since about April of 2011. Our fridge leaked for the first few months, I called them at least twice a week took about 4 months for them to finally get out to fix it! Our pipes In the kitchen burst a few weeks ago, took matience (WHO FYI DOES NOT LIVE ON THE PROPRTTY LIKE THEY CLAIM!!!} ABOUT AN HOUR TO GET OUT HERE. Im 21 weeks pregnant and my kitchen floor was soaked, SAFTEY ISSUE!} Our rent is a good price, but not worth dealing with the office ladies, LIZ AND PATTY ESPECIALLY ARE VERY RUDE, DISRESPECTFUL AND NOT HELPFUL AT ALL. Lindsey is pretty good and the new girls are nice. We tried moving out 6 months ago, but wherever we went would call them and they would say that we were late, and they shouldnt allow us to move there. (Which when were late it was because they had miscalculated our rent and told us the wrong price therefore causing us to pay less) LATE FEES ARE RIDICULOUS! Ive never been more than a day late but for being one day late it was about 1,089.00 AFTER THEIR "FEES,CONCESSIONS, ETC." THE LAST STRAW FOR ME WAS THEY RECENTLY RE DID OUR PARKING LOT, REPAVED IT OR WHAT NOT. My husband got called into work the next morning at like 5am and I didnt feel safe being here alone, so I called my sister, and her husband to see if they could come, They got here and there were about 3 parking spaces available for their car, They have 4 kids under the age of 10, needless to say they didnt wanna walk too far. My sister got off work late so it was about 12 when they showed up,they parked next to the mailbox and becuase their car was there when they "started" the construction it was towed, needless to say my brother in law was not happy, I HAD TO PAY 50.00 TO GET THEIR CAR, WHICH HAD BEEN TOWED TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COMPLEX! In all honesty though they sent out a note about a week before with the areas highlighted that they were working on, but with only three parking sports available there was nowhere to park. My btoher in law went in and was obviously upset, he didnt get violent, didnt swear just threatened to call a lawyer becuase they didnt have sings/cones nothing to let visitors know they were repaving. I called LIZ to see how much i needed to pay to get their car/apologize. She said that MY FAMILY IS NOT ALLOWED IN THE OFFICE/POOL OR ANYWHERE NEAR THEM! THAT PISSED ME OFF AND MADE ME MORE ANGRY THAN MY BROTHER IN LAW WAS!!!! She then told me by 2pm {the day my sisters car was towed} they had towed 42 CARS! Obviously they didnt get the word out well enough to the residents if they had towed 42 cars in one day by 2pm. Making a 50.00 profit off each car. I read the reviews before moving in here, but my friend also lived in the complex and hadnt had any problems so i thought itd be an ok place to live I WAS DEAD WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One more thing: We rented their washer and dryer which were decent/good price, etc. but got our own after about 6 months. TOLD thme we had our own we unhooked all the pipes and set the washer/dryer in the kitchen for removal.They kept saying they would come and get it, finally 2 months later they came and got it, but for those two months we had to pay for the washer/dryer to sit in our kitchen waiting for them to come and get them. Which to me was unfair, but they were still in the apartment.there is always broken glass by the dumpsters, Security is supposed to lock the side gates at 10pm. they never do! I have an alarm system in my unit and I still dont feel safe!!!!!! OVERALL NOISE= OK OFFICE STAFF= WORST PEOPLE EVER CANT STAND THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEIGHBORS= GOOD MATIENCE= CRAP PARKIN= GOOD *One last thing our mail has been stolen/opened and left sitting out where other residents could see it/take it!! contacted post office about it and apartments they said they would inform the post man and keep an eyer on it. To this day our mail is still coming damaged, opened, and torn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM SCARED TO DEATH TO SEE WHAT KIND OF FEES THEY WILL CHARGE WHEN WE MOVE OUT! BUT I CANT WAIT TO GET OUT OF HERE
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Willow Cove

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