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Woodgate Apartments



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Resident 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/22/2012
They tell you one thing and do another. I was promised something and then told that I cannot have it. I let them know that I have been paying for it and they tried to tell me that I am not paying for it. I had the documentation to prove them wrong and they still will not except their fault and make it up to their tennants. There have been several problems with parking since before I moved into the apartments. The manager does nothing about it. When she approached about the problem she is unkind and unwilling to listen. Same goes for the assistant manager. I am having to get others involved in order to fix a simple problem that they are unwilling to fix it by excepting their mistake and correcting it. I was told that I get a covered parking spot and when I tried to park there another tennant asked me to move. I let them know that the manager gave me that spot. Come to find out they have made promises to this tennant that affected other tennants. They tried to tell me if I want I can have a garage but I will have to pay the difference. If I could afford the difference I would have accepted the garage from the get go, but I cannot. And now I am forced to accecpt no parking or park clear across the way. Unacceptable!!!
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Woodgate Apartments

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