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Redwood Apartments



Resident · 2016
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Office Staff
Choosing to move into the Redwood Apartments was a Huge mistake! Front office Management and their Receptionists are Rude, Disrespectful and operate an unethical approach. I have contacted the front office for a number of complaints, each time the front office Manager Chelsea, and the other receptionist Bailey and a male (His name I am unaware of) have disregarded each complaint with no follow through. -T above, beside, and behind Smoke Cigarettes, and Marijuana in their apartments; the smell does filter through the vents in my Laundry Room/Closet, Bathroom and Kitchen -Tenants in adjacent buildings including my own; are structured in one bedroom and studio units. There are a number of these units with Occupants of 5 to 12 persons. This includes the Tenants occupying the one bedroom beside me- She has had 12 persons in the unit 3 adults and 9 children ranging from ages 4 to 6-8 Months old for months at a time. -I have witnessed drug deals; at any time of the day. -Occupants with Cops being called on several times for loud Music and Parties through early morning hours, Fights including domestic violence -Most recently 07/05/16; the front office notified 1 week prior informing certain areas of the complex cars needed to be moved however the flyer attached to my door did not include my parking spot the flyer informed they would notify when other cars needed to move. We were informed to park alongside the back of the complex and also the front office. We found out by the Construction crew the flyer was wrong and if we didn't move our cars would have been towed at our cost. Today 07/05- after parking near front office as were were told this morning I was approached by a grounds person (male) if I didn't move my car I would be towed again at my cost and told me he didn't know where my car would end up. -I asked him why we were not notified? And how is it lawful for the The Redwood apartments to charge for a tow without notification prior to this event? he shrug his shoulders and told me the Front office is to blame. Luckily I had stopped by my car to grab something and he had happened to inform me because I had a carpool to work.\ Later this morning I called the front office and Bailey had answered the phone, Politely requested the Corporate Management office to file a complaint. Bailey immediately told me No, she would not be giving me the number or the name of the company. I asked once more in a slightly demanding tone and she then told me to Hold on while scoffing rude remarks under her breath, Chelsea answers the phone and immediately told me No she wouldn't give me the number I have requested; she followed through with "It was inadequate planning on our part with the parking and construction situation but if you were charged for towing you are still responsible for the cost, regardless of notice" With her response, immediately I demanded the corporate number or I will be filing a complaint further with BBB she finally gave up the information but told me "This number I am providing you with is only a complaint line, no further action will be done" Her phone was muffled and she mentioned the company was A&P or AMP and no name (801) 912-8304 when I called it was immediately answered by automated system saying being transferred to an extension no name of the company was mentioned. If she had have the mind I can get this information on my contract. I will further this complaint to the fullest and ensure the Front office staff, especially Chelsea (whom also lives in the complex) is reprimanded for her Disrespectful mannerisms, and unethical approaches to complaints and not following through. Chelsea is very short tempered and condescending, and cannot handle complaints which leads to confrontations. She sets a poor example for the Management company and should lose her job. Management or its employees SHOULD NEVER hang up on a tenant or dismiss them because she may be having a bad day or doesn't want to hear complaints. She has hung up on me and other receptionist for no reason at all. I would MOVE OUT immediately if I didn't have to pay an atrocious termination fee. I would never refer any friends, family or people off the streets to live here LOOK for another place to live.
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Redwood Apartments

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