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Redwood Apartments



Resident · 2020
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Office Staff
Car got robbed with a "slim jim" tool along with my downstairs neighbor's within my first week here and the staff refused to help in any way for fear of inciting a panic and even had the audacity to gaslight me under an assumption that I hadn't locked my doors. I found a neighbor wearing my stolen items and learned his name during the ordeal before later overhearing a conversation at the office revealing that they are aware of a pattern with this individual and that they haven't evicted him despite recurring car and property thefts by him and his accomplice who doesn't live on the property. Meanwhile my building has been fighting an infestation of cockroaches that the staff has failed to address in any meaningful capacity. Nobody at the office wears masks and you have to go in there to get packages or to top up your laundry card. I'm still running out in the cold whenever a car alarm goes off at least every other night to make sure it wasn't mine and I change my route to the laundry facilities every time to avoid people screaming frightening nonsense at each other or themselves so the stress of being here is clearly affecting me in subtler ways. I paid a massive utility bill because of cracks in the doorframe and plumbing issues when I first moved in. Last night I routinely went out to check on my car after hearing an alarm and found a massive, virtually irremovable sticker covering my driver's side window warning me to park in the spot where I'd been robbed instead of someplace more visible as the neighbors had suggested after the incident or otherwise be towed/booted. In my three months here I think I've aged as many years. It looks nice on first glance but look elsewhere if living in a safe and clean neighborhood is a priority.
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Redwood Apartments

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