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Shadowbrook Apartments



Resident · 2010 - 2011
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Office Staff
Like the space and layout of the 2 bed/2 bath apts. Disliked the delay on maintenance, the not so friendly attitude of the new management, the clealiness of the area, the poor customer service, and saftey of area. My experience when I first moved in was ok but shortly went from ok to poop. The management messed up on my parking lot number twice! So not only was I paying for the parking space, I didn t have a space to park in for almost a month since there was always a car in the lot they assigned me. I had to park in whatever uncovered lot available when I got home, which sucked because I worked late and got home when practically the whole lot was filled. Very irritating. My kitchen sink and AC was left unfixed for more than 3 weeks and I called constantly to get an update on when their maintenance was going to be in to fix it. It was always the same excuse. "We will put in a request form and be sure to have maintenance come look at it as soon as possible." When in reality it means, "We will ignore you until it s something really serious and then we will have our guy come look at it in a few weeks." The gross carpet whatever they call it that covers the balcony area and the stairs and entrance to your apartment was gross! It always made the outside of the apartment smell like cat piss or a wet dog! And the bushes that were near the entrance to the building and the stairs to my place, had a bent over pine tree that sat there for more than week before anyone did anything about it. If you want to feel safe, this was not the place. The lights that are suppose to be on at night to light your way to your door, was broken the whole time I lived there! A whole damn year!!! There was always WVC police coming over as well for busting people for partying too loud or drug affiliations. Another dislike was the laundry facility. It was always dirty and the machines didnt always work. Most were either broken or didn t clean or dry your clothes very well. The pool was another story. The health department needs to investigate that place! Its dirty and gross in the pool and spa area! The rent was over priced and management was always threatening to evict or take you to court for being late on rent! Hello! People are struggling in todays economy! Give us a break if we are 2 days late geese! There is no courtesy period for their rent due date. It was either pay or suffer with their additional late fees! What a joke! First and last time there ever! So glad my lease was over and I was out of there as soon as it was! I dont recommend this place to anyone!
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Shadowbrook Apartments

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