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Shadowbrook Apartments



Resident · 2013 - 2018
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Office Staff
I've lived here for nearly 6 years. Amenities: The amenities are nearly always closed or broken. During the Summer, the pool and hot tub are closed 80% of the time because of "Health code violations". The fitness room is open to anyone, including resident children; the result is broken and vandalized equipment that management doesn't bother to replace. Also, the fitness room doesn't have adequate ventilation. Frequently, the leasing office staff will lock the amenities up when the office closes instead of at 10pm, when they are supposed to lock it up. Our Apartment: Our fireplace (the big selling point when we moved in) started leaking gas. Maintenance told us the valve was too old and needed replacing. Instead of replacing the valve so we can keep using the fireplace, they just shut off the gas to it altogether. The rain gutter above our bedroom window has been broken since long before we moved in. The result is years of water and runoff streaming against the window, leaking into the window frame and sill, causing water damage. We always have a towel there to catch water and we have to change it every month during the wet seasons. The water deposits on the glass from the years of damage is so thick you can't even see out of the window. The water heater is old and not up to code; I know this because I work for a local plumbing company. It doesn't have earthquake straps nor an expansion tank. Maintenance has never performed service on it, even though all water heaters need to be flushed once a year. It is terribly loud when it is refilling and heating water. They only change the air filters once every TWO years... this should be done twice a year for this type of furnace. The furnace in our unit is older than I am and is incredibly loud. It takes forever to heat and is far from energy efficient. The blower motor has gone out twice. The first time they replaced it, now four years later, we get to just live with the replacement being broken. This means not running the furnace or A/C. Speaking of the A/C. Ours barely works and it leaks all over the stuff in our storage unit. It costs $300 monthly in the summer to keep the unit at 78 degrees. This last summer we bought a little A/C unit off the internet and used that instead of the one that's included in the apartment. It works amazing better and we cut our electric bill by 65%. Pests: In our years here we have been subjected to mice, cockroaches, bedbugs, silverfish, ants, beetles, a wide and terrifying array of spiders. Of course, there is a clause in the lease (which you sign before "inspecting" the apartment) that states that any and all pests you find are your own fault and liability. If you report them to the office they will charge YOU to have an exterminator spray the whole building. The Community: There is always dog crap on the lawns and it makes the place reek. People leave trash on the lawns and in the breezeways. We've witnessed neighbours literally pissing off their balconies. The water feature at the entrance has been "down for repairs" for the last 4.5 years. Some of our neighbours frequently smoke marijuana and it rises through the levels and gets trapped in our apartment, resulting in us returning home to a cloud of skunk scent (which I am highly allergic to). We've gone to the office many times about this, but the only thing they have done in the last 3 years is put letters on the doors in our building... once. ONCE! The office staff only cares about getting new renters into the community. Once your lease is signed and you are moved in, you no longer matter and they will not have any interest in helping you.
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Shadowbrook Apartments

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