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Arbor Park



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kittykat27 • Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/16/2007
I have lived here for a 1 1/2 years and can not wait until my lease is up in 6 months. My biggest complaint is the noise. The people above me are horrible, which I know can happen anywhere, but the walls are so thin that I can hear when they turn over in their bed and it squeaks. My bathroom wall is falling apart. It has been replaced and awaiting another replacement. There is a leak somewhere upstairs that they say they "fixed", but a month after they install new drywall and paint, it starts leaking again. The first time it happened, they ripped out half a wall of drywall and covered it with plastic and left it for a month, "because it slipped through the cracks" they told me. All the while I am getting all kinds of bugs through it, because the building is like 50 years old and infested with bugs in between the walls. Roaches are another problem. I had them the day I moved in. I hadn't even lived there for 24 hours when roaches were crawling across the walls. If you keep an extremely clean house, you can keep them at bay, but not gone. My floor is horrible, falling apart. They all of sudden said we would have to pay utilities if we resigned our lease, yet the windows and doors in the apartment are so bad, that the wind practically blows through. The apartments are large, but very over-priced. You get the amenties of looking out your window during broad daylight and getting the lovely view of drunk people puking in their front yards or there is usually a second showing at night as well. Its disgusting. People here are so uncooth. They do not care that other people live there too. There are many other communities that are the same price, but offer real "luxury apartments". It is a total lie when they call these luxury, they are no where near it. Oh and last summer, I had gang members move into a building away from me. It was a month of hell. Police were there every night because of fighting or sketchy behavior. I will say that management did an adequate job of handling the situation. When they found out they stationed security guards in front of the building all night, until they could evict them, which they did. I do believe the new property manager is trying to make changes, but unless they tear this place down and rebuild from the ground up its not going to happen. Look somewhere else, it is not worth it here.
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Arbor Park

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