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Cameron Court

2700 Williamsburg Street

Alexandria, VA 22314



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/26/2012
There is a reason why there are so many new reviews on here within a short period of time. I've heard several of my neighbors talking about this site and I too share in their sentiments that the ham-fisted way the new owners are handling these complaints should show you what you'll be getting into here. There are many of us who are tired and frustrated by being stressed out about all this. I have to say, the "GREAT" reviews that were posted the same day the first really negative reviews came up here just reek of either being by the management or someone who lives in a fantasy land. Not everything here is terrible. Location is great, the free shuttle (however unreliable) is still free, and the grounds feel safe (like you're not going to get robbed). But, communication with residents is a real problem. As others have said, and I'll second here, there are too many changes too quickly and none of them have been for our benefit. I applaud the management on their newly created cash cow-- the parking. Despite what they'll tell you in the office, no one likes this policy. It has screwed up parking for everyone and is a quick and easy example of how the staff wants to implement policy changes without consent of the people. I know this is private property and we are bound by the rules of the community, but living in the DC Metro, it somehow feels even more insulting to have to deal with dictatorial mandates at home. I want a home where I can relax, I can be left in peace, and I can enjoy the predictability and consistency of policies and community standards. By constantly "fixing" what wasn't broken, they've brought chaos to tranquility. I am so disappointed in how things have turned out for me here. I now live in fear of the management staff. Will they see this post and retaliate against us? I can't help but wonder what's next. Every evening I come home with dread wondering if I'm going to find out they no longer offer trash service, or they've decided to implement a new draconian fee for holding packages for you in the office, and on and on... I hope someone at the top reads this: you have lost the respect of the residents. We simply want to be left alone--no new rules, no new fees-- just leave things the way they were.
Cameron Court Manager07/09/2012

I would love the opportunity to discuss all items with you. There are several items mentioned that have been addressed in previous responses on this site. Please contact me at [email protected] so that we may open the lines of communication and start fresh. Thank you!

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Cameron Court

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