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Cascade at Landmark Apartments

300 Yoakum Parkway

Alexandria, VA 22304



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/10/2005
living here for 5 years cannot wait to get out. loud pounding maintainance is conducted on any days inCLUding saturdays and sometimes sundays, and into the evening. hammering even on floors far away from you reverberate all through this so called highrise bldg.<br>maintainance for renters is only mon-fri. they're nice and get the job done but big overturn rate-they dont stay long and i dont blame them.<br>lived in highrises for years and whenever this new "trend" started re:corporations as opposed to managers managing apartments, it just took off like mt.st. helens.<br>your not a tennent, your a source of money and a number.<br>other things...people do not pick up thier dogs poop, they hire "unskilled" labor--ground deck around tennis court took 6 months to complete and honestly my 90 year old grandfather and i could have done a better job. theres flooding on a regular basis, and most people slam thier doors like they live on top of a moutain.<br>what the hell am i paying this exhorbant rent price for????????? rude tennents, rude staff and a crowded neighborhood that resembles the local pet store??(very crowded city with ridiculous traffic).<br>i cannot wait to leave. and the city.<br>ps...theres a juvinile jail just on the next block, and about a million or so other complexes being built within spitting distance of this place.
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Cascade at Landmark Apartments

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