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EOS-21 Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/14/2002
This is my experience with AAH: <br> <br>Lived there for 1.5 years on the top floor in Bldg H in an "Executive Suite" although there was nothing "executive" or spectacular about it. For the first 3 months, there was a "serious" roach problem. I solved that problem myself with boric acid (as another reviewer also noted). Numerous calls, complaintsletters to Resident Services didn´t seem to work. I´ve never seen any rodents, however, I have seen the rodent traps around the outside of the buildings. Being on the top floor, my unit stayed unbearably hot. This is probably why the smoke detector would go off all the time. Although I had a fireplace, it was very rarely used since the unit stayed so hot. I chose the top floor because I didn´t want anyone walking above my head but BOY was I in for a rude awakening. Remember I´m on the top floor so the only floor above me is the roof. Well I would hear footsteps from time to time above my head but I "assumed" it was maintenance. Called the police to check it out because this was becoming an every night occurrence. Come to find out, there were people on the roof "hanging out" drinking, smokings...etc (I´m sure you get the picture). This freaked me out since those party goers could have easily jumped from the roof to my balcony and I kept the sliding doors open all the time due to the heat buildup. Spoke to management about this issue and was told they could not put locks on the doors leading to the roof because of a safety and fire issue. WHAT ABOUT THE RESDIENTS SAFETY?? Those idiots having a party on the roof could have easily started a fire themselves. GO figure right?? Also, while I´m on the subject about the roof, management has a bandaid approach about fixing leaky pipes. On the top floor, rather than fixing leaky pipes, they just replace the rain soaked and stained ceiling tile and this is just on ongoing cycle. I only saw leaks in the hallways and you can spot where it leaks by looking at all the stains on the carpet. Parking spaces are very tight and if you come back late, be prepared for a long walk because it can be pretty bad. The gym is nice however it stays busy after working hours. I liked the convenience of having an onsite cleaners...Never participated in the dance classes that were offered but I heard they were ok. Don´t waste your money doing laundry on-site. It´s best to go to a laundry mat. The only thing I am going to miss about this place is the big mirror leading to the bathroom. That´s a darn shame, after $1,000 plus per month, the only thing I´m going to miss is the mirror. Whoa, I must need therapy. Overall, on a scale from 1 to 10 (with 10 being great), I would rate my experience 5. It´s defintely not the best and I´ve seen and been in worse. Only move here as a next to last option. Don´t be fooled by the Model either...RENTER BEWARE! <br>
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EOS-21 Apartments

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