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Foxchase of Alexandria



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Mahnkiman • Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/06/2005
First apartment in the DC Metro area. Moving to someplace better within the next two months, hopefully.<br><br>Community isn't that good. The people who live above me made noise at all sorts of weird hours. It sounded like they were moving furniture or keeping elephants up there. Management did nothing when I complained. Took matters into my own hands and they stopped. All sorts of weird smells, loud music, and loud talking from the neighbors downstairs. <br><br>Workmanship also not good. It's easy to see the buildings are falling apart on the outside, but over the summer the maintenance people have been replacing roofs. Maybe it was for the better but that just added to the noise will all the constant hammering and grinding. Plumbing is WAY too loud. I was woken up at 4 AM this morning because the neighbors above me were constantly running their water. Did I mention the noise?<br><br>I never had to call for maintenance since I've never had problems, or only minor problems I've been able to fix myself, so I can't comment.<br><br>Power goes out for seemingly no reason. I can understand it going out during high winds or thunderstorms, but it frustrates me to come home from work and find all my equipment off on a sunny and clear day. Once it was out for three hours in the evening and there was no bad weather to speak of.<br><br>Parking is nearly non-existant. The spots are way too small, and people don't bother parking correctly under these circumstances. The driver's side door of my car got scratched and it was most likely from another resident.<br><br>Management has been professional but doesn't act on complaints as I mentioned before.<br><br>Have seen some shady people hanging around the property. A friend of mine lives right down the street. One day I was driving to work and I spotted him walking to the bus stop. Some guy walked up to him and tried to sell him drugs.<br><br>Had ant and roach problems for a long time. I couldn't get them to go away after all the traps I set, so I just had to wait for the colder months. Didn't bother talking to management about it.<br><br>The rent is too much for too little. I have the cheapest apartment available for a little over $900 a month. It's barely bigger than my old dorm room. There is barely any room to walk in my bedroom, and I all I keep is my bed, a nightstand, a small desk and chair, and a bookcase. No washer and dryer, and the machines downstairs eat up $1.50 for each load. If I had to share it with anyone I would go insane.
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Foxchase of Alexandria

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