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Foxchase of Alexandria



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/23/2005
For the year I lived here, I had a very good experience. Never had to worry about parking. I live in 525 N Imboden and I have had the best neighbors. The building is always clean and quiet. My neighbors are friendly too. I have had only one bug problem and that was just this past July and August. Centipedes. Never had them in any place I lived before, but for some reason, centipedes started showing up in my apartment. I got a can of Raid, spread the apartment myself (I did that at the beginning of September) and have not had any since. I don't know why I waited so long to do that. <br><br>I am moving for a few reasons. One, my rent is going up about $50 a month. I have a junior one-bedroom, which is bascially a studio apartment with walls. I do love the apartment, but for the price without utilities included, it is time to move. Two, my job. I work long hours, somtimes getting to work at 5 a.m. The parking lot and surrounding grounds are not well-lite enough for my tastes. There have been three occasions where I have been approached by someone that I did not see until he was close to me. One time in particular, at 8:30 at night last March, there was a guy pepping into the bottm floor apartments. I actually walked up on the guy, who was dressed all in black. He ran off...lucky me. I did report it to the police. Where I am moving has a secured parking garage. <br><br>As far as the King St metro shuttle bus is concerned, forget it. I work near the State Dept. and it would usually take me over an hour to get to and from using public transportation. That is when the shuttle ran on time, which is does not. So now I drive and it takes me 10 minutes.<br><br>Rent is exspensive in the DC-Baltimore area. In fact too exspensive for what you end up getting. If you move to Foxchase, move into one of the buildings on N Imboden Street. It is very quiet and clean.
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Foxchase of Alexandria

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