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Foxchase of Alexandria



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/05/2007
Here are the things you may want to know before making Foxchase your home.<br><br>1. The actual apartments look nothing like the models. <br><br>The layout is the same, but the quality is different. Be prepared for gaps in the stained lenolium, holes in the walls, and the things that should slide that don't. This includes closet doors, windows, drawers, you name it.<br><br>2. The 2 bedroom is BIG.<br><br>This is nice for the price as long as you want space in lieu of qualtiy. The bedrooms are large, and 2.5 bathrooms is sweet.<br><br>3. The Foxchase shops makes the place worth renting.<br><br>Harris Teeter, one of the best grocery stores I've been to, is right down the street with a variety of other convineinces, like Rite Aid, a dry cleaners, a florist, and a few restaurants. If you're without a car, then this is nice because it's a very reasonable walk in my opinion.<br><br>4. The shuttle.<br>This is the reason I chose Foxchase, and it's one of the reasons I decided not to renue my lease. It sounds great in theory, and if they can manage to keep good drivers, it's awesome. However, should the drivers change anytime soon, be prepared for late shuttles in the am and pm, not enough room for everyone to ride who needs to (this means that you have to either take the DASH or wait another half an hour for the next one), and in the summer, don't even think about AC. If you can hang with the good and the bad for a free ride, it's worth it. Foxchase views the shuttle as "a convinence," so don't expect them to jump whenever there is a problem like late drivers or something. They could care less.<br><br>5. Workout facilities.<br><br>The workout rooms are very small, cramped, and outdated. If you're really looking for an apartment because of the workout room, don't choose this one.<br><br>So, my advice is: Check out EVERYTHING before you put your name on the dotted line. Go see the apartments that are available and test EVERYTHING, from toilets to lights to the balcony to the drawers in the kitchen. These are old apartments, so be ready for things to go wrong. Just remember, as long as AIMCO is collecting your rent, they don't really care if they make you happy.
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Foxchase of Alexandria

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