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Lerner Excelsior Tower



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/12/2005
First, I'd like to say the managment of tower 2000, has not changed in the year I've been here. The "manager" has changed, but every month I write my checks to the same company. <br>Parking is pretty bad. While there are normaly spaces, and there is a valet avaible between 8 pm and 8 am. Your car WILL get scratched. The spaces are tiny, and if have a half way decent car, it will get scracted by some hater. Just because. So if you care about your car, which many poeple who live here don't. You'll be fine.<br>This is an older building, which means its not made of wood and drywall. You really can't hear, what your neighboors are doing. The problem is, tower 2000 is in a pretty busy area. Alot of cars drive by because there is an exit from the highway right there and people that live on beauregard use it. Allso people that live in the near by apartments walk by the building in order to get to 7-11. I'm guessing they are already drunk and going to get more beer, because they often scream and hollier random things, or are just extremly loud and rude. So if you want to keep your windows open on a cool spring or fall night, you can't, or you need to get used to the noise. I guess if you want to live here, you can just keep your windows closed year round.<br>ALOT of kids play around the grounds, or in the building. Its not there fault really. They don't have any were else to play. Its just something to keep in mind. If kids playing around the complex bothers you, don't move here. You might think its cute when they press random buttons on the elevator. Or they smear cheese on the elevator call buttons in the lobby.<br>I wouldn't consider this place to safe. I haven't seen any problem with the doors being left open. And managment just started a policy were they won't let you in just because you buzz the desk. I'm a pretty big guy, so I've never felt scared when walking to the 7-11 or grocery store, even late at night or early in the morning. That doesn't mean I haven't seen, some shaddy dudes. Homeless poeple and random dudes hang out at the 7-11, and ask for money. I'm sure If they thought they could take it from me, they would. Also, every other time I walk to the 7-11 some kids asks me to buy them beer or cigarettes. This isn't the fault of the apartment, but its something you need to know.<br>I've only had to put in one maintence call, which toke them 2 days to come out and fix. Which I guess isn't bad, considering how big the bulding is. The biggest problem is the elevators. There are four, but the entire time I've lived here at least one has not been working. In the last year it hasn't gotten any better, just worse. Now two or three will be out at a time, not all the time, but it still a hassle. The weekends are the worse, because two elevators will be used for poeple moving, and still only one other one will work. Only a couple weekends ago, only one elevator was working, because they were fixing two of them, and the fouth was out and someone had thrown up in the third one. I guess I should have just taken it, but that would have just added to the problem if you know what I mean. I porbably could have walked up 10 flights of steps too.<br>Its not just the elevators, the whole building is falling apart. I'm really glad I have a cell phone and cable modem, because the phones were out for all most a month.<br>Theres also a pidgeon problem. Building managment sent out a memo about it. Apartently people have been feeding them. I wouldn't doubt it. I can't beleive some f'er is feeding those awful things. My balcony is coverd in their waste. Who ever is feeding them problay dosn't care about getting sick, but I do, and poeple who have kids problay do too. I constantly shoe them, but they keep coming back.<br><br>I'm not an apartment expert, I'm not sure if the building management/owner can do any thing about the problems mentioned above. This is not ment to attack them, the office and maintence staff, work hard, from what I've seen. But, these things are problems to me. Sure, I could just stay in my apartment and ignore them. Allot of poeple can do that. Which might be part of the problem. Feel free to live here if you are a hermit, or you just don't give a 'f'. If you are aware of the world around you, or care about how the community you live in, don't live here.<br>
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Lerner Excelsior Tower

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