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Lerner Excelsior Tower

5800 Quantrell Avenue

Alexandria, VA 22312



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/15/2005
It is one thing after another at Tower 2000. We have been there for over 2 years and only stay because of the cost. There is a lot of crime across the street and some in the building. There is NEVER a time when all 4 elevators work at the same time. <br><br>Parking is already a nightmare and management just put out a new policy that prevents residents from parking in the front 2 rows near the building because "it will prevent the valet man from having to run back and forth to park cars at night as well as let people who use the valet to find their cars easier." That comes straight from the manager... What about the residents who get home before 8PM and have to carry groceries or kids??? They know as well as all of the residents that the front row is the only place in that parking lot with wide enough spaces that your car door won't get slammed into by the %$## that live in the building.<br><br>Kids are a nightmare in this building. They continually throw things in the elevators and in the hallways. Our hallway is lucky enough to have some really wonderful kids who throw food at people's doors for the fun of it. If you are lucky enough, like us, you can get oil put on your door knob by the wonderful chaps...<br><br>The managers are completely unresponsive. It doesn't matter if you ask nicely or not for assistance - they just want your money - nothing more. They could care less if you have an issue.<br><br>Security is a major concern here. They claim to have "off-duty officers" but you never see them around (we happened to meet them which is how we know who they are). Last weekend we had an issue on our hallway and since the person at the front desk said there was no security or off-duty officer, she had to call the police. There was a gang riot across the street several weeks ago which resulted in about 20 police cars coming. FYI - those same people involved in the riot often frequent the halls of Tower 2000.<br><br>My suggestion: go somewhere else.
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Lerner Excelsior Tower

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