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Lerner Excelsior Tower

5800 Quantrell Avenue

Alexandria, VA 22312



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Office Staff
Resident 2000 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 10/03/2005
Lerner Corp, you really should be ashamed of yourselves. Is it the fact the there are a "ton" of empty units that the Company has resorted to allowing ANYONE/ANYTHING to move in? I solely blame LC, I've been a resident long enough to know and have witnessed the slow demise of a once proud building. Your first mistake LC was allowing people that simply DON'T CARE on the premises. No one is asking for anything other than supporting your Managers. It is my belief that Lerner Corp is not doing the best job in supporting it's Resident Managers. <br><br>Parking: It's ok, although it should be ran differently. In the age of Laser printers, I've seen the reproductions of passes......it's simply too easy to duplicate and most "non-tenants" are doing this. Parking valets? I would can that staff, these people are simply looking for a check......nothing more. Or providing little "perks" to natives of their own country. <br><br>Security: What security?!. Again you have personnel simply there to collect a check. You have individuals that "sit" at the main desk the ENTIRE time on duty. And will someone tell the --------- who covers the pm/am watch at the desk to get proper rest, so he will not FALL ASLEEP on duty. Our building is supposed to "security" regulated?......gimme a break, We have individuals who are AFRAID to say anything to anyone, they would rather drop their heads and pray it goes away. <br><br>The Building: As stated earlier, I've been here long enough to witness many things. What I've seen are people that have no clue to the American way of keeping the appearance of the building up. We have chutes on every floor, the concept is to drop the trash in the chute, what's acutally happening is they'll just take the trash and dump it on the floor. We have tenants treating the front facade of the building like it's "Hang Your Linen Out" day, and how many more times can Management put addtitional memos about not treating your Balcony like a storage room?!<br><br>Lerner you want positive results, but you have to provide the tools/manpower and anything else a Manager will/may need to do their jobs effectively. <br><br>Some of the better perks are Utilities are included in the rent, there is a Washer/Dryer in all units except Efficiencies, the property sits in an ideal spot for Public transportation (Dash/Metro).<br><br>Yes there are gang-members laced in the properties across the street and surrounding areas, and there may have been a few in the building (I know the "tats" and I've seen them). Overall, would I recommend that Property for rental?.........ONLY if Lerner Corp starts enforcing RULES and REGULATIONS<br>and start giving these Managers what they truly need. If this never happens, then my recommendation is "Not In This Lifetime"!!<br><br>The ball is in your court Lerner......."Get It Together"
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Lerner Excelsior Tower

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