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London Park Towers

5375 Duke Street

Alexandria, VA 22304



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/11/2005
So when I visited LPT, I was told parking was no problem and any issues that arise are fixed the day it occurs.<br><br>Here I am, 4 months into my lease and ready to move out of this terrible place. Yes, the apartments are a nice size... descent location...<br><br>So I moved in... my new cabinets were cracked... and in terms of parking, I work until 1am at times and I have nowhere to park when I get home... my AC has leaked into my closet twice in one month... the rack in the bedroom closet broke and ripped the wall apart, and it took them over a month to repair it since they needed the builders to repair the wall (whatever!). The kitchen sink leaks... so does the toilet... not to mention the beautiful bullet hole mark on my glass sliding door in the living room (which is why I need to keep the blinds closed).<br><br>The hallways look like a college dorm... and they smell just as bad, if not worse sometimes... problems with my mail as a "new resident" is still an issue even though my name is in my mailbox (I went two weeks without mail during my first month)... and my mailbox lock was broken when I moved in which is why they didn't deliver mail, though LPT said it was the USPS fault.<br><br>The recent pipe bursting caused the AC and water to be turned off a few times on 90 degree days, AND they had to dig up the parking lot resulting in even less parking. When I approached the staff about the parking situation since I work so late at times, they suggested I ask my boss if I can change my work schedule to accommodate their lack of parking... yes because that is so professional!!!<br><br>This is my first time renting and it has been a lesson well learned... never again.
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London Park Towers

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