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New Brookside Apartments



Resident · 2003 - 2008
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Office Staff
I moved into New Brookside about five years ago. When I moved in it was a nice quiet place run by a manager that seemed to care and made sure problems were fixed relatively quickly. Now, it's a horribly run place that's gotten to be extremely noisy with residents playing stereos so loud they can be heard throughout an entire floor and also on the next floor up because the walls and floors are so thin! The building has progressively been rented to -------- residents that trash the hallways and elevators regularly. On a Sunday or holiday you never know what kind of mess you'll step into when you get on the elevator because the staff does not clean on Sundays or Holidays. The building is also progressively falling apart and either management or ownership doesn't want to put money into the building. Recently, one of the two elevators was out for approximately three weeks. The elevators are extremely old and need to be replaced. Also there's a drain in the floor of each laundry room that routinely leaks water. When they renovated the laundry rooms (with new paint and new machines that charged more per load) the management told me they could not replace the floor or fix the drain problem because the money wasn't in the budget. Therefore, if any of your laundry has shifted while in the dryer and falls out when you open the door, it's wet and dirty again! The management does take care of problems with your apartment pretty quickly so I do think that's a plus. Unfortunately, the quality and age of the appliances (dishwasher fridge and stove) as well as the outlets, are usually the cause of the problems and they don't want to renovate apartments when residents leave or replace the appliances and electrical outlets with new ones until asked. Complaints about noise are another matter, they are regularly ignored by management regardless of who the manager is, and they've had 3 since I moved in here. The area is not a good one and is going down hill. The police are in the area regularly due to some sort of crime and the MS-13 gang is VERY prevalent. I don't recommend walking down the street late at night. Even though the parking lot does have a gate arm on it and no crime has occurred there to my knowledge, I still don't feel very safe at night because of the lack of lighting. I've had it with this place and am moving out when my lease is up in August and am even considering breaking my lease to get out of here.
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New Brookside Apartments

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