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Newport Village



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Resident 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/12/2012
We do not have a/c. They cut it on and off as they please DAILY. They tell you it wont be on until it s 65 degrees outside, yet all week it s been 75-80 degrees outside and 85 inside before anyone is turning on the air conditioning. FYI management I live INSIDE NOT OUTSIDE AND I WOULD LIKE A/C. This week their response was Well we turned it back on earlier not sure why it s back off here is an idea, I d like a/c 24 hours a day!!!! Not just 5-6. It s totally unbelievable. I ve never lived anyway were they were in control of it like this. AND we PAY ALL UTLITIES CAN YOU BELIVE THIS?! It s done by ratio so you re paying for those neighbours with 6 people and 4 kids living in the one bedroom next door. And what used to be a quaint little enchanting, woodsy village on top of a hill is now a shockingly stark and bare concrete and brick jungle. It s so drab. What the heck happened to all the trees? This place was so cute like a little neighbourhood with mature trees lining the streets, aiding in shade for the buildings. Now it looks terrible. It s Sparse and empty Void of trees! Those trees also helped block the city street noise. They took away all the character and life of this place! Pruning is one thing but what they did is way over the top. It now looks very cold, sterile and uninviting. It s lost its charm. Who s great idea was this? I can t understand why anyone would do this. There are hardly any trees left, they have cut at least 75%-80% of them down on this side of the complex! To say this is a shame would be an understatement, it s downright depressing. I m totally disgusted with the new management. Now they are drilling concrete at 6am. It s just too much. It used to be such a quiet place not it s a living breathing machine and it doesn t feel like a home. We were promised new windows then come to find out they only did a few buildings by the leasing office and no one else is getting new windows UNTIL NEXT YEAR AT THE EARLYEST. ARE YOU SERIOUS? WE WERE PROMSED NEW WINDOWS BY MAGEMENT. And forget about maintainence: your at their mercy and they are non responsive. Things are rigged not fixed and replaced so you have to keep calling them over and over again for the same problem. It s a lot of wasted energy. I wish they would renovated all the very old brown kitchen apartments as they bring in seedy residents. We have a few in our building and coincidentally these are the people who cause almost all the noise problems in the buildings. I guess when some residents are paying $1500 a month for a one bedroom and some others are paying $1085 it brings in a different type of resident. I ll be nice about it. Therefore as the very bare minimum they need to renovated this old brown kitchen apartments. Lastly someone has brought up the issue of security. Much cheaper apartments around here up at Stoneridge at Mark Center have locked front doors. If they can swing them so can Newport Village. Maybe if they hadn t wasted money on dragging the trash out and redoing tiny sections of sidewalk that was not needed they could have put key fob entry on the door of the buildings. This would make everyone feel more comfortable AND keep those pesky menu s off of our doorstep that we get ten times a week. There is tons of "reserved parking spots none of which are ACTUALLY in use and being paid for but no one else can part there unless they want to be towed. So you end up walking a mile and passed 10 empty spots right out front not being used but they wont fix it. The parking lot now reeks like hot trash from those stupid dumpters they put outside, what a horrible idea that was now the builings stink too because people are taking their trash out at 3 bags a time or leaving them on their balconies to stink as well b/c they dont want to walk to the smelly dumpters. GET rid of the car wash we are paying for tons and tons of non residents using it! Any day of the week go look there people who do not have a sticker are washing their cars. Needless to say I wont be staying here for more broken promises. They really, really flat out lied to me about the windows. They were PROMISED to me and they should let people know BEFORE they sign the lease you only have a/c a few hours a day.
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Newport Village

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