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Newport Village



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Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/26/2012
Pests: I am up writing this review because I saw ANOTHER centipede. This one was in the bathroom. So now I'm too afraid to use my own bathroom or fall asleep. It is ridiculous. I vacuum and clean daily and still these centipede show up DAILY. It may be due to the holes in the rotting window sills that are visible outside. There are also spiders in every corner no matter how many times you sweep/vacuum them away. Centipedes eat only other bugs. There have also been a lot of complaints about mice. I haven't seen any but maintenance came through everyones apartment a while back with the intention of filling holes. There are chipmunks living here which I've observed running around along the foot of the buildings. Noise: There is absolutely no sound insulation. You can hear EVERYTHING your neighbors are doing and even smell your neighbors since the vents are all connected. This really sucks if you are a non-smoker surrounded by smokers. The sound insulation is nonexistent in the outer walls as well. Every car door or engine, every conversation between walkers on the sidewalk, every siren on the main road can be heard crystal clear. We ended up purchasing a portable a/c unit (the kind on wheels that doesn't go in the window) because 1: it was freaking hot and the management wasn't going to turn on the a/c for another couple of months and 2: the sound acts as white noise for the baby so she wouldn't wake up from the very loud neighbors who like to hang out in the parking lot. Grounds: there were some very beautiful places on the grounds that were destroyed by the new management. In particular, there was a walkway by a cobblestone wall that was enclosed in a tunnel of ivy and wisteria. Now there is no shade or privacy there at all. There were also some very large old trees that seemed healthy but were either not healthy or insurance risks. I'm guessing the over zealous trimming was also to combat the pest problem. In the areas where buildings face each other with a common outdoor area in between, people regularly let their dogs out the patio door with no supervision much less any intention of picking up after them. The area my building overlooks is barren of grass and turns into a muddy flood plain whenever it rains. I'm surprised the ground floor apartments don't flood. Lastly, there are two playgrounds and both are in need of updating. Safety: I already mentioned how the house centipedes give me a general sense of anxiety at all times in this apartment. Beyond that, the area isn't great. There is a very busy road with no crosswalk to cross if you intend to use the pool or gym or just want to drop off rent. Both the front and back entrances to the apartments across the street from the main entrance are blind curves. The windows are in terrible shape. They said they were replacing them back when we first moved in. The one in our bedroom flapped and slammed in the wind. They are the kind you shove up to open but ours could be shoved out most effectively by the icy winter wind and then slammed back again startling everyone awake. The fix from maitanence was not to fast track the replacement of our windows (or at least that one) but to put a screw in the window so it wouldn't flap as far or as loud. It would be nothing for someone to cut the screen, remove the nail and simply lift the "locked" window open. Construction: please refer back to the parts about lack of insulation, rotting wood, flimsy windows. Add to that wavy floors, painted over leaks, cheap fixtures, dented closet doors (the vented metal kind) and seriously dated cabinetry and appliances (some apartments have updated appliances). Also, for some insane reason most of these apartments don't have a true first floor. You walk up stairs, open the doors to the building then have to walk up or down another flight of stairs. Maintenance: See ridiculous window "fix". Add: when I moved in the microwave was slightly tilting forward (it's mounted over the stove). Not a lot but it looked like it could fall. Maintenance came to fix it. That night I was cooking on the stove top, turned the fan on the microwave on only to get a cloud of crap blown into my food. Apparently the maitanence person tore the fan vent so years of food grime and bits of aluminum had just seasoned my family's meal. Also, I can't be sure but the vague chemical smell when the air comes on is probably the "fix" for the house centipedes. It made me dizzy and I noticed my children became lethargic. If they sprayed pesticides which I'm sure they did they gave me no instructions or warnings about it. So anyway, another centipede just showed up or maybe it's the same one. Killed this one but I'm still too scared to go to the bathroom. Today's total: 3 big ones 2 very small ones. I can't wait to get the hell out of this place. I will add pictures later if this site lets me edit.
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Newport Village

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