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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/12/2005
I actually am a resident [for the person who thinks anyone recommending ParcView is mgmt]. I've lived here a little over a year. I'm a grad student. <br><br>The apt itself isn't bad - good size for 1 person, great bathroom, incredible kitchen, medium-sized bedroom, but could use bigger closests. Big picture windows. Heaters/A/C can give off an odor, but nothing air freshner can't cover. Each apt has a front storage closet, fit with a shelving system. Also, each has it's own water heater. Living room equipped with 2 wall lighting fixtures. The intake vents [kitchen & bathroom] allow you to hear what's going on in adjoined apartments [loud music or tv]. It gets a little tight in the living room once you add a desk, though.<br><br>Noise - Some floors have lots of kids, so it tends to be louder. If there are people in the hallway in front of your door, you'll know it! Since the walls are cement, I can't hear anything my neighbors are doing, unless they slam something really hard. Tends to parking lot noise on Fri & Sat nights, especially in the summer.<br><br>Minor stuff needs fixed once in awhile, & it gets done pretty fast. I've only had 1 complaint about the maintance men & it was immediately reconciled by the manager.<br><br>I've only seen 2 cockroaches in the building, ever, & mentioned them to the manager. The next day he had the exterminator out. The exterminator comes to the bldg each week - checks 1 floor per week. There are also these little, tiny clear bugs that live in the heaters.<br><br>Parking - never had a problem, even coming home at 4am.<br><br>Safety - My apt has never been broken into. I have left my windows down on my car for days at a time & nothing has happened. More lighting in the parking lot would be nice. I feel pretty safe walking from my car to the bldg. Security cameras EVERYWHERE are a great touch, too. It'd be nice to have security guard walking the lot though, because it's shapped like a U, & the back part is kind of creepy. There is a way to watch the security camera at the front door through the TV in your apartment.<br><br>Office Staff & Manager - Great folks!<br><br>Rent - undermarket. Average for this area. Did increase by $34 [was 955] when I updated my lease. ALL utilities are included in rent, except phone/internet/cable.<br><br>Overall Impression - I've seen the apartment blds that deserve 2's or 1's. This is NOT that. There's a lot of older folks here, which I enjoy. The park is right across the street. The 1 bdrm's are great for ONE person - couldn't imagine stuffing 2 people in. As a grad student, I require a lot of "quiet time," & this complex offers that.
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Parcview Apartments

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