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Park Vue of Alexandria



Resident · 2016 - 2019
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Office Staff
Full proper review of an experienced resident. I've been living here for almost 4 years now. Everything was great until a new company ZRS management took over in 2019. They started doing renovations while we were living here. They didn't ask the residents how they would feel about it. They just said too bad whether you like it or not we are entering your home and doing work whenever we feel like it. So i thought to myself ok fine I'll deal with it. Renovations means new good stuff right? wrong. They replaced a dishwasher with a washing machine in the kitchen. Why??? We had great washing and drying machines on every floor. Also for climate change purposes that was a bad idea. Washing dishes by hand is terrible for the environment. They took out the microwave and replaced it with a little one. They took out the fridge that had an ice maker and replaced it with one that doesn't. They took out the food disposable in the sink completely and didn't replace it. So if you have food particles building up in your sink, you will be at fault. They added a fan finally instead of the light that was once there but every time you turn on the fan you also have to turn on the light since they moved that light into a different part of the apartment. The same switch operates both. Thats also bad for the environment and your bill. They added a new mirror in the bathroom that is not properly aligned. Its too big lol. They replaced the toilet with a cheap plastic version. Then they started painting the building white which isn't bad considering it will help reflect some sun off the building but they blocked off parking spaces making it impossible to find parking. They threatened residents with towing enforcement. On top of that they gave us 1 day notice when they were cutting off water. They did this multiple times. Once i was in the middle of giving my dog a shower and the water stopped. Sometimes I got no notice. Today my patience ran thin. They've had the water turned off since the morning. they are not being considerate of people that work during the night and need to use the apartment during the day. I still have no water to use the bathroom or drink or wash. I needed water this morning for my eye and it set me off. They didn't even offer to pay my rent during the months of renovations or utilities. Not even a simple sorry or let's find a way to make things better for you. Also the rat and cockroach problem has gotten worse. They don't treat properly. On my final note they turn on the A/C and Heat whenever they want. Its gotten so hot in my house that my dog passed out once and I couldn't get any work done because it was miserable. Stay away from this place. Ive never writen reviews but these people do not deserve your money. It's already expensive to live in this area and the least companies can do is make sure you are comfortable. This is your home after all. Choose wisely. Sorry for all the grammatical errors. English is my third language.
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Park Vue of Alexandria

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