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Potomac Club at Braddock Station



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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/04/2002
Reasons to rent here? Hmmm...let me think...hmm...I´m still thinking...oh yes!...if you like it up the @$$! <br> <br>Bottom-line don´t rent here unless you enjoy rampant theft by incompetent maintenance staff and seedy ineffectual management, unprofessional treatment and a whole host of other reasons that will render your experience on par with Afghani residence (without the international humanitarian aid). Yes, I did say theft! It would be Breaking & Entering (B&E), however, you have to drop the ´B´ since they have the same keys you do and plausible deniability. I have since installed a closed circuit video camera so that I can tell the police specifically who to give a good´ol´fashion Virginia beating to. ...hopefully Alexandria PD will let me join in the tussle. <br> <br>Whether indoors or outdoors, you´re surrounded by characters likely to be on ´Fox Special Report.´ The neighborhood is definitely not an area to go fly a kite. <br> <br>Albeit there is an underground parking garage, the spots are so tight, that even in a compact sedan you feel like you are going through the motions of parallel parking. This also means that you best take your dealer up on the reinforced door-ding strip proofing treatment on top of MSRP or your vehicle doors will look much like the face of Mike Tyson´s opponents. <br> <br>If you like Chicago winters and high electric bills in the summer you´ll feel right at home inside your apartment due to the absolute lack of weather insulation. <br> <br>I will now rant some more: toilets that don´t flush the goods (and I´m a vegetarian); dishwashers that don´t wash (mmmm...I like the taste tofu mixed in with encrusted cottage cheese); dryers that don´t dry (my guess is that you don´t want to see me in a thin wet T-shirt); smelly neighbors (I thought boars weren´t permitted as pets in the building?); lack of hot water (yes, I have a problem with shrinkage); incessant infernal construction noise while now almost completely erected means Vampires would find my room a haven due to its dependence on artificial light; noise from passerbys who would rather not pass by, but hang around and chat with their so-called ´homies´ in a language that I´ve been told is categorized as ´ebonics´; tap water...well let´s just say they tell you to drink bottled water in Mexico for a reason; apartment layouts that were probably designed by a contortionist; towel holders that have an aversion to the wall in which they were installed; cabinets that don´t close (I was not born in a barn); security key cards that don´t work and really secure you outside the building; a pool that was probably furnished by fisher price; I´d continue, but I´m distracted by the constant flushing of toilets by my neighbors (...they have to clean up after that boar...). <br> <br>After all that you´d think, why I don´t just break the lease and move out of the third world? Well, I´m paying through the nose and you have to sack two month´s rent to bail...I´m not Bill Gates yet, I feel more like the employees at Enron...I have to sleep on my back in order to avoid a sore.... <br> <br>Above all, the element that makes this place as sour as it can be is the piss poor Para-dig-m management and their staff. Beyond stealing from their patrons, they are simply unprofessional and rude, even when they are trying to be nice. The new building manager is actually a very nice and professional person but the manager´s total impotence to take any managerial action and discipline the staff decompensates the manager´s credibility and leads me to believe that their outward professionalism is simply a production. The assistants are even worse in that they will always-direct hostility towards you albeit you´re just wishing them a good morning. Simply disreputable. Not to mention maintenance staff who probably couldn´t maintain a D average on their GED exam and therefore can´t read the labeled fix-it instructions. ("This way up," read by them, "Me fail English, that´s unpossible.") <br> <br>Will I be residing here once my lease is up? You needn´t ask. <br> <br>Do yourself a favor, your wallet, your sanity, stay away and don´t get trapped. <br> <br>People are fleeing here for a reason. If you´re an economist, you´re thinking ´wow, that means, based on the laws of supply and demand, that rents will drop´...you´re forgetting one thing however...these laws only work with rational players...and the people behind this operation are as far from that as humanly possible. <br>
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Potomac Club at Braddock Station

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