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Presidential Greens Apartments



Resident · 2007 - 2009
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Office Staff
First of all, I lived here previously for a total of 2 years. Only because then it was affordable. The only good things I can say about this place is that the size of the apartment was pretty good, and the parking situation could've been worse. So the bad? Extremely loud neighbors. I lived on both the ground floor and the second floor, and neither were quiet. I often had to listen to blasting music at 3 am, kids jumping up and down on floor, loud sex above my head, and often thought the ceiling was going to collapse. In the second apartment I knocked on the wall in an attempt to quiet next door neighbors, and the wall collapsed. The walls are hollow between residences, btw. No insulation or sound proofing at all!!!! Don't get me started on the cockroach problem. The very first day I moved in to the complex, the walls and cabinets were crawling with bugs in every room (during the daylight), and there were dead ones all over the floor. When I complained I was told that there wasn't a bug problem and that I was imagining it. I am a very clean person and no matter how clean I kept my apartment, the bugs wouldn't go away. When I lived in the ground floor unit I often had gigantic cockroaches crawl under my front door from the building's entry way. Their occasional spraying of the units was a joke, as they never sprayed or treated the unit. Just left a paper on the counter saying that they had been there. Occasionally I had a rodent in the walls or run through my apartment, but it wasn't really a huge issue. Neighbors would crawl up onto balconies and bang on the outside door to my unit at all hours. Drunk individuals that I didn't know. And when they weren't crawling up the buildings, they were banging on the front door. To be clear-not only banging, but pounding and shouting for their friends. And there was no getting them to go away until they tired their drunk-asses out and finally left. Let me just say that the doors aren't the most secure, and as a single woman, it didn't really inspire feelings of safety. Then there is the utilities. Which are outrageous!!! They have the meters in some units hooked up so that they are charged for the whole building. I lived alone, never ran the a/c, rarely ran the heat, and didn't leave lights or appliances on. However, my entire second year there, my electric bill was over 100.00 a month. For a 1br apt! When attempting to sort out with the electric company all they had to say is that the meter was correct. This place is dirty, overpriced, loud, and a crappy apartment complex. Be warned.
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Presidential Greens Apartments

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