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Presidential Greens Apartments



Resident · 2011
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Office Staff
If you like mice MOVE here. I moved in my unit on March, 1st 2011. The first night things were ok. Then by the second week of living here, I kept hearing loud noises in my kitchen I went to check it out and I saw 3 medium size mice on my kitchen counter. I ran into my bedroom and called the 24 hr hotline for the complex and i was told and i quote " We do not come to units AFTER DARK" what the hell does that mean?? Im telling that my unit is not liveable at the moment in they act as if they dont care. So the next morning I called Maria in the leasing office, she ENSURED me that Roberto would have his workers come in my unit and patch the holes ( WHICH THEY NEVER DID). When I arrived home from work, i looked around for holes in my apt and found 5 BIG holes. 2 in my living room closet, 1 in the kitchen by the stove, 2 in my bedroom. These holes were pretty big...big enough to fit a golf in it. I PATCHED MY OWN HOLES UP. & I bought a cat. My second issue is the Laundry rooms, They raised the price from 1.50 to wash and dry to 1.75 to wash and dry. THEY SHOULD BE A SHAME of themselves...THE WASHERS DO NOT WORK, THE DRYERS DO NOT WORK...yet they raised the price...Also, The secrutity guy named HIEGEE ( im not sure of the spelling) is VERY rude and he locks the laundry room 30 mins before its suppose to be locked. WTH. If you think your moving in on a "rental special" YOUR NOT. because once you add the water, gas, sewage, and electric PLUS pet fees, your basically paying MORE money in the end. OVERALL, DONT MOVE HERE!!! TRUST ME. IM CONSIDERING BREAKING MY LEASE TODAY
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Presidential Greens Apartments

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