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Presidential Greens Apartments



Resident · 2011 - 2012
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Office Staff
DONT LIVE HERE!!! I have leaved here almost a year, moving out as soon as my lease is up in 2 months, thank god. I had wish that i took the time to look around at other places to live before i decided here. when being shown around everything looked okay, it was well kept the apartment was nice, has some minor issues but considering how old the bulidings are i didnt care. I did get an "upgrated" appliences, which ment a small --- dish washer that sucks and a new fridge. So after moving in the problems started. First week we moved in out toilet was not flushing, we were told that no one was in the apartment for a couple months before we moved in. We called maintance which took 2 days for the guy to show up. There were 3 kids tooth brushes shoved in our toilet. Second, If you love being woken up every hour of the night this is for you! neighbors are loud, not loud but freaking LOUD! there is no need to play music at 7am to 3pm and every weekend till about 4 in the morning. You hear every thing throught the wall. There are always people fighting in the parking lots, about 2 times a week the police are arresting people. 2 months our building was raided by 15 cops and surrounded because the upstairs neighbors were wanted for drugs and child abuse! your are told when you sign your lease to call if someone is being too loud, whn you do they dont anwer the phone no matter what time you call and if you do manage to talk to someone (walk to the office) they tell you to call the cops. Third, people dont control thier kids! they will sit on your cars throw stuff at your windows and cars. they hang outside blocking the steps and parking spots. not to mention that when "playing" outside they will cuss you out for asking them to be a little quiter. these kids are like 8 years old. Fourth, they say the spray and have traps for rats and roaches, --------. I have had to kill huge roaches in my house! I am OCD about cleaning because im a bugphobic person and there are roaches everywhere, inside and outside. OH! did i mention the rat that are currently living in my bathroom ceiling. YUP! they can be haer all night fighting squring around and messing with ----. Its nasty here. And Fifth,the laundry facility, smells like piss. kids run through there and will write all over walls, take your clothes, piss in the corrners and even caught a teen couple having sex on the table where you fold your clothes. Safe to say this place is nasty and ------. If you value your sleep, car, and a bug free rat free place to live go somewhere else. The staff are lazy and rude. DO NOT LIVE HERE.
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Presidential Greens Apartments

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