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Presidential Greens Apartments



Resident · 2015
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Office Staff
After signing our lease, we arrived inside our apartment to find live cockroaches. The leasing agent "Juana" had a housekeeper come in to clean up the "evidence". After leaving, and arriving home, we took care of items and starting getting around for bed. We then saw a live bed bug crawling on the wall. With a boyfriend who previously worked for a rent to own company and was trained in bed bug identification and treatment, he instantly said we needed to vacate, taking only what was needed. We then went to my families' apartment, after sending a brief email about what was discovered, and photos. The following morning, we arrived in the office to discuss possibilities of breaking our lease, and all they stated is we needed to wait until discussing with the property manager. After the weekend, we went into the apartment to salvage what could be salvaged. We did find more bed bugs. we arrived to speak with "Nellie" Nellie kept avoiding speaking to us and asking employees if we were still there. After an hour, she invited us into her office, to discuss options. Her first option was for us to stay, after her suggesting we brought the bugs into the apartment. We left to discuss options, and then were suppose to be contacted later to see if our offer of one month rent is acceptable to break the lease. Not hearing from Nellie for days, we continue to contact and get no response. We finally get a call back stating the offer was not accepted, and that she would call us back. We had never heard from her again. We continued to contact her office, and get no response. We were forced to take legal action and after 2 long months, we were able to break our lease.
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Presidential Greens Apartments

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