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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2006 Recommended
Reviewed 12/05/2006
<br>I had lived in the complex for nearly two years. I had many issues with the apartments, of which resolution came slowly and seldom correctly.<br><br>I started out on a first floor apartment. The problems I had there are: Hearing every noise from our upstairs neighbors from there dog running around, to the nightly activities, to the sounds of a waterfall every time someone flushes their toilette. It was not a little noise; it would literally wake you from a dead sleep. I also had infestations of small nats, ants, and carpet beetles. Even though there is supposedly an exterminator that comes on a regular basis, you will find that the little buggers are persistent.<br><br>A note in general about the maintenance staff: They are certainly not well adept. I had a dishwasher that leaked profusely, an AC that doesn't work, heat that doesn't work, hot water that doesn't work, a thermostat that is perpetually malfunctioning. I have a seal around our patio door that you can see daylight through, which always creates a nice cooling breeze in the middle of winter (as though our heating bills weren't enough) Can the maintenance staff correct any of these things?...well perhaps if they are asked repeatedly and come back numerous times until they get it right.<br><br>These may be normal issues in apartment living, however when you have a maint. staff that needs to come back repeatedly for the same problem because they are too lazy or have too many other calls to go, to it is more than frustrating. They ABSOLUTELY must hire more people or hire people that are courteous and competent.<br><br>The location to DC is nice (7 Minutes via car on a weekend), the apartments are near a very nice walking trail, and they across the street from a grocery store, a Target, a movie theater, dry cleaners, Old Navy, Barnes & Noble, Starbucks and several other stores. It is nice to be able to walk over if you want to. The pool onsite is small, but nice (would be nicer if it was heated and available in the winter). <br><br>The apartment complex does have social activities to try to build a sense of community. The ice cream event that one other reviewer commented on wasn't quite what most of us had wanted, but did we ever communicate what we wanted? Did you ever suggest an event that you think would be fun? Don't complain if you are not willing to contribute something helpful.<br><br>The folks in the office do treat newcomers (prior to signing the lease) very well, but the service does go down hill after one you sign on the dotted line and give them your check.<br><br>If you are going to rent here then I would recommend a top floor to cut down on the 1st floor pests (the bugs were mostly on the 1st fl other than carpet beetles). Having a top floor also cuts down on the noise you hear. Try to get an end apartment (that way you don't hear the loud people next door. Look at the complex before you agree to live there (otherwise you may be close to the loud lower income folks on one side or the water treatment plant on the other side). <br><br>This place looks pretty on the outside. If you are looking for a place that is a good proximity to the city this is a decent place, but you will definitely have to deal with "apartment conditions" that can be a headache. Good luck.
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