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6201 Rose Hill Falls Way, Alexandria, VA 22310
6201 Rose Hill Falls Way, Alexandria, VA 22310

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Rose Hill Apartments

6201 Rose Hill Falls Way

Alexandria, VA 22310



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Office Staff
Resident 2014 - 2019 Recommended

Reviewed 12/19/2019

I lived here for about four years, 2014 - mid 2019. Overall, it was a pretty comfortable place. I lived on the ground floor and my patio looked out onto the playground....I would say that was probably my only real source of everyday concern and that was because there was always someone walking around in front of my place so I never felt comfortable opening my windows and never opened the blinds in my bedroom. My neighbor upstairs for two years was a horrible person who personally targeted me for some reason I do not know. Other than that, my neighbors were really nice or just kind of there and not bothering anyone. The worst issue I had other than my privacy concerns, was noise. You will hear everyone all the time. Pray you don't live under a wannabe pornstar or someone who snores heavily. You will hear all of it. My kitchen was nice. Nothing brand new but it was in good shape and none of it required maintenance the entire time I was there. Bathroom, same deal. Wasn't brand new, but everything worked, it looked nice. The light fixtures were pretty nice in the apartment. We had some issues with mail when the complex became private access, but at least it stopped the religious people from knocking on our doors all the time. If they heard a sign of life in your apartment when they knocked, they would stand there and knock until you answered. Someone walked up to my patio once because they knew I was there but wasn't opening my front door to say hi. It was great when they couldn't come in and knock anymore. I never had pests. I had a ground floor apartment so I would sometimes get the occasional grasshopper if I used my patio at night. Never saw a roach, never saw a mouse nor rat. The dog owners in the complex are fine. People from the neighborhood have come into the development though and they are not. They leave waste, lets their dogs run around off leash, have had issues with their animals going after other people's pets. I was surprised at the leniency when I left. My dad punctured a door at move out and they didn't charge me for it. They also gave me this crazy move out sheet where they expected me to reprime the walls after filling holes. I filled holes, some of them not my best work. When I went to hand over my keys, the guy was like "oh you actually filled the holes! Great. You won't get charged for that." It might've been because I was a really good tenant, but when I got my deposit back they didn't charge me for anything even though I wasn't able to return one of my parking passes. I would totally live here again.
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Rose Hill Apartments

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