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Skyview Apartments



Resident · 2010 - 2011
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Part 1 This place is terrible, the management are honestly a bunch of idiots, they have no idea what they are doing, I feel kind of bad for the guy that owns this place because he is kept in the dark about everything that they do down here, and they do EVERYTHING! There are drug deals going on, kids constantly breaking in and the whole neighborhood outside of this place is a slum/projects. That is what I have to comment about this place. Part 2 They lie to you about the cost to bring you here and sign a lease, and then they raise your rent, and don t do anything for you. They lie about the security at the building, and they don t provide it. Don't get me wrong there is security here; it is just not provided to you. There whole website is a lie. Please let me clarify for you that if you move in here and are not a hoodie/------ monger, you will not want to be here. Part 3 You will be scared to walk outside at night because of the lack of security They have security cameras but don t allow the security guards to use them, they don t actually have security guards, and they are, "courtesy officers." Or so they tell you after something bad happens to your vehicle because they have to legally cover their ---. They also have controlled entry points at which anyone and their grandmother s brother s uncle can get into, EASILY. Part 4 And they don t enforce their own claim of "state of the art security facility" which is what they lie to you in order to make you feel safe in a, gangsta, neighborhood. If you move here, if you are a student, heed my warning and don t come here. It will cost you more pain than you want to deal with. They also don't ever follow up with what they tell you they are going to do. They put wool over your eyes and blow smoke up your --- to make you feel better about the situation, all lies. Part 5 You will not get your hot water fixed in the next hour or day or week, it may take up to a good month, month1/2 before they get around to telling their maintenance workers there is a problem. The only people that don t have their heads in their ----- are the cleaning ladies that sweep the halls, the maintenance workers who are tasked to pick up trash instead of fixing things. (Most likely why your refrigerator or leaking faucet, or other won t get fixed) Part 6 And the security guards, "courtesy Patrol," who can't do their jobs because the staff are too dumb to let the maintenance guys install monitors for them to properly protect the grounds and assets. There is always broken glass all over the place so watch your step! The place is always getting messed up by some idiot who doesn t have respect for their own home. Part 7 Or from the neighborhood street rats (kids, or adults who have the minds of misguided children/ can't grow up) from breaking in/walking in because of the really bad, state of the art security, and vandalizing the place. Anyhow, even though this seems more like a rant, it is the honest to goodness truth. They can polish a turd all they want, but it will never be gold, it will always be a turd.
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Skyview Apartments

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