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Sussex at Kingstowne

6050 Edgeware Lane

Alexandria, VA 22315



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ArchstoneIsTerrible • Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/27/2007
1. Trash everywhere on Sundays. (Management - Get another trash bin.)<br>2. 90% of maintenance personnel are illegals who do not speak English. (Don't bother writing to respond saying I am racist - you're a fool if you deny the truth).<br>3. Rent is ridiculously high. Move into a home and save money.<br>4. Insulation of windows and doors - terrible. The heating vents are right by the windows! What genius devised that? The management should subsidize everyone's heating bill.<br>5. Noise is ridiculous. You can hear your neighbors bathing, watching t.v., washing clothes, or walking(!!!). These apartments are made of the lowest quality materials with the shoddiest craftsmanship.<br>6. Moronic pet owners everywhere. They let their dogs poop all over the place. My idiot neighbors leave their cat caddy and cat food in front of their door like it is their single-family home.<br>7. Too many people in one apartment. Management could care less if there are 7-8 people living in a 2-BR apartment.<br>8. Workout facility has never been cleaned, and there are no sanitation stations. Also, if I were a woman, I would never work out there alone. It is unmonitored and there are no windows. <br>9. There is high turnover in management staff (3 different teams in the last 2 years). Prior to the new staff, they were generally lazy, unresponsive, and arrogant.<br>10. Too many kids roaming around unsupervised. <br><br>Overall, I do not recommend. Can't believe this place is in Kingstowne. Have friends in other Archstone Sussex apartments in Alexandria, and they say the same thing - the company sucks.
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Sussex at Kingstowne

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