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The Aspen

3201 Landover Street

Alexandria, VA 22305



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 10/11/2005
We've lived in the Aspen just over a year. We're not leaving because of the Aspen, but we sure have thought about it. <br><br>1)Roaches - since they have changed the exterminator service things are better, but by no means acceptable. We live on a lower floor (meaning between 1 and 6) and roaches emerge from the trash room en masse. Don't live across from the trash room! What is worse is that people smash the roaches on the wall so you have double the number to contend with. They'll crawl into your apartment from under the door and through the walls. It is nasty and no one seems to give a lick.<br><br>2) Security - the guards at night are nice enough when you see them. We've never had a security problem, though the back door on the 5th floor rarely locks, the security gates have been up more than they have been down, and there are no security cameras on the front of the right side of the building (don't park there). As for the Section 8 housing - I've lived in worse neighborhoods in worse cities and states. You should have no problems unless you are doing something you shouldn't be doing anywhere else - ie walking around alone at night in a place where you don't belong. <br><br>3) Maintenance - we have never had a problem getting maintenance to fix anything. They have been great. <br><br>4) Management - we only had problems with the young girl in the front office. We have had great dealings with everyone else. Most problems stem from the way people are treated - and I mean tenants dealing with management and management dealing with tenants. Usually the management's response is in direct correlation with how the tenant approached the problem. This by no means excuses the response, but remember that management are hired by the owners and unless the owners demand better treatment, you can't expect management to be great. Chances are the owners regularly shaft management - remember they are tenants too.<br><br>5) Transportation - there are two bus stops, one at the end of Aspen at Russell and one on Mt. Vernon and Commonwealth. The one on Mt. Vernon is much more convenient and city buses run there as well as DASH.<br><br>6) Mold - there is mold on the AC as well as in the AC. We asked nicely for them to come and clean it and things have been significantly better since then. It is your apartment, you have to let maintenance know when you need them to do work.<br><br>OVerall, if you are looking for a cheaper place to live, this is a pretty decent place. My recommendation is to live on an upper floor, treat people the way you want to be treated and make sure you close the 5th floor door behind you.
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The Aspen

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