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Town Square at Mark Center



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Office Staff
OoStatmasteroO • Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 10/02/2005
Well, I'm finially writing a review I guess. I moved in here at the end of July because I got a job in southern Maryland and needed a place to live. After looking at many apartments in Maryland and Virginia for two days, this one seemed the best. <br><br>Bad:<br>Not too many bads really. When I first moved in a couple of days later there were a few roaches in my kitchen but they have very good exterminating services here and that solved that problem. After they came, I haven't seen another roach thankfully. I also saw some carpenter ants a few weeks later but I had the ant traps out so it was only one day that happened. So far no more of those problems at least. <br><br>Parking is ok if you don't stay out late at night. If I come back later than 9 pm especially during the week there isn't one spot open near my building (1465) and I have to park further away. They do have covered parking but you have to pay more for it unless you got the plan with it included.<br><br>Rent is pretty expensive but that was my own choice because I didn't know anyone around here and didn't want to share a place with someone I didn't know. So I have a one bedroom and I really like it. <br><br>People seem to be friendly here and say hi, but they don't really seem to say more than that I've noticed. Either that or maybe it's just me being too shy I don't know. Some people I have talked to here seem very nice and friendly although there were quite a few that seem kind of arrogant. <br><br>Good:<br>I really like the amount of safety I have here. There are two gates and you can have the security system for your apartment too.<br><br>The Winkler Botanicals are really really awesome!!!! <br><br>The shuttle bus is convenient to get to work everyday. <br><br>There is a 24 hour fitness center although I wished they had more eliptical machines. They only have like two.<br><br>They have basketball and raquetball courts although I haven't tried them out yet. <br><br>I guess they have holiday parties every once in awhile. <br><br>There is a pool and spa in the summer time.<br><br>Shops are right across the street which have everything you could need (food, fast food, hair salon, blockbuster, cvs, dry cleaning) although a little bit pricey.<br><br>Office staff is very friendly and willing to try to help you out.<br><br>This really is an awesome place to live although I probably should have found a roommate since it is expensive. I may move again next summer if I can get a roommate and get a two bedroom or something.<br><br>If I were to add something to this complex I might add like a community event board or something to get to know other people here. To the people that say there are lots of loud parties here, I don't think that is a correct statement. I overheard a party last night but that was the only one I have heard since I moved in and it was only loud if you had your windows open. You could close your windows and not hear it. It's really not a party place here.<br><br>I would recommend this place to someone looking if they could afford it but I would say its probably better to have a roommate here to save some money.
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Town Square at Mark Center

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