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Crystal House



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/09/2007
One of the biggest/most convenient places in arlington. When we signed we got away with a deal compared to most other places.<br>Pros: large spacious floor plan, TONS of closet space (definately a bonus), i have not seen an insect once my entire year living here. convenience to metro!! Larry in the leasing office is great (we usually skip management and talk to him). <br><br>Cons: Parking used to be ok (though wholly overpriced) til they closed off part of the lot for construction trailer, now late at night its hard to find a spot (my fiancee has had to park on the street a few times). ridiculous since we pay $90/month to park 2 cars!! Also they are not timely with snow removal in the parking lot, if at all. <br>pet area: they are great about having pets which is refreshing in this area, but there used to be a big pet area right infront of the building (house 1) and they closed that off, now we have to walk around the corner to house 2 behind the pool to walk our dog. And even if its freezing or its late and night and you just want to let the dog go on that patch of grass right in front, you'll get yelled at! Heat/AC is centerally controlled, so when we had crazy warm weather in January (also applies to the winter/spring cross over) we were sweating. Even when the heats off, it leaks out and makes the apt really hot. They have now replaced the radiators so it hopefully will help. New window replacments, not great and they left broken glass outside in the back, my dog almost cut his foot.<br>Maintanance people have attitude, one barged in on me without knocking...TWICE!<br>Finally the reason we left: They raised our rent $300!!! That's 25% (inflation is only 3-4%/year so figure that one out!!) <br><br>So the moral of the story is, worth the $1200 we payed, not so much worth the $1500 they now want to charge us (plus the $90 for parking!)
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Crystal House

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