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Dorchester Apartments



Resident · 2016 - 2017
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Office Staff
This is by far not the worst place I've lived. I've lived in SROs in multiple CA cities. This however is not worth the money, regardless of being one of the most affordable places in Arlington. You can probably get a place for $100 more with a professional management w/o the headaches. The property manager is super condescending and also a liar. Other people have told me that they thought he was racist and I thought he was sexist, but my white male neighbor told me the manager speaks to him like a child as well when he is trying to have issues addressed. If you have any serious problems in your apartment here, you will be blamed, because there is no accountability from management. They always do the quickest cheapest fix, even when they know their fake fix is a waste of their maintenance staff's time. Multiple buildings in Dorchester apartments have no control over water temperature. When you have no a/c until May 15 and it is already in the 90s that may not seem like the worst thing, but if you have long hair and you want to take an efficient shower in the morning,during winter, it kind of matters. I guess they have tried to reduce the temperature of the hot water in lieu of actually fixing the problem. But just to be clear you have two choices of water temperature here. That's scalding hot or freezing cold during the winter. The manager will lie to you about things like pest control before you sign your lease. I made it clear that I have severe allergies and cannot live in an environment where there are venomous pests of any kind.... His quote was "we don't even have roaches" which was a lie. My neighbor and I took it upon ourselves to buy a home defense pest control and treat both of our apartments, which seems to have helped. Although I had many spider bites when I first moved here. The maintenance staff is super professional and personable and many of them are also residents. They should not be held responsible for the misgivings of management. Location is awesome! There are bunnies outside which I like. But the manager has bad social skills and I have not found his superior to be accountable either. I have tried to reach out to Gwen Wells-Yo who is supposedly his superior and she has no public email or phone number that takes voicemail. I like living here despite these issues. Also ladies just a heads up, Micheal the manager couldn't stop staring at my cleavage when I met with him to sign my lease, so if you don't want to deal with unprofessional objectification, then cover up when you meet with him. Seriously! I ignored his behaviour multie times during that meeting, but in any professional environment that level of leering is not acceptable! Also there is something that resembles mold although red in color growing on my bathroom ceiling and instead of sending maintenance, the manager came over by himself and was super creepy. Fortunately I had company, but there is something really gross about Michael the manager. Think long and hard before moving here. I moved here because I needed to move in a short amount of time, but had I had more time to plan I would have chosen a more professionally run place. They are very nice in the office and maybe your first month here, but don't expect that to last.
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Dorchester Apartments

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