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Dorchester Apartments



Resident · 2016 - 2019
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Office Staff
It is disappointing what a HORRIBLE experience we have had with Dorchester Apartments. We have had 36 mice in the last year and a half. We have had THOUSANDS of cockroaches. Let me be clear, these are pictures of mice and cockroaches below that we've seen in the last TWO DAYS. I've lived other places in Northern Virginia and have dealt with routine pests before, never have I seen situations like what we have experienced at Dorchester Apartments. We have had mice crawling on us, we have had cockroaches fall in our food. We have had mice squeaking all night long while we were trying to sleep. We've pulled dead mice off of our sheets. We have had 5 pest control agencies investigate our apartment, the first 4 were through Dorchester, the last told us that there were CLEAR HOLES in our wall that they should have fixed a long time ago. We are very clean people. We have air-tight containers, we have a roomba, and we clean weekly. At this moment we have rat poop next to a hole near our radiator and no one has come to pick this up, despite us sending pictures specifying where the issue was. This doesn't even include the fact that our ceiling has caved in during our time here. After two years of being nice, and waiting, and being patient, and allowing Dorchester Apartments to take whatever measures they wanted. They have given us ZERO financial compensation for our problem. We are a teacher and a medical student. It feels like they have taken advantage of our kindness and expect us to pay for this "luxury apartment" with zero respect to the stress and difficulties we've had living here. Don't be dubbed by the prices, I wish that we had never moved into this apartment.
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Dorchester Apartments

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