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1201 South Joyce Street, Arlington, VA 22202
1201 South Joyce Street, Arlington, VA 22202

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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended

Reviewed 01/04/2007

I lived there for a year and a half. An old review describes the lack of service and how the staff only cares about you when you move in--that's very true--with rare exceptions, that's generally the case. The apt. had a huge water leak which damaged furniture (which they compensated) but which took over a month to correct. The staff is bad about communicating when things will get done and actually following through. There was also a lot of turnover with staff while I was there so when the person who was handling my water problem left, things weren't done until I called back to find that the staffer hadn't passed on the work to anyone before leaving.<br><br>Cheap construction is evident if you take a close look when you first move in. The carpet was uneven--the apt was laid out badly--for ex. the fridge blocked counter space cupboards--which just points to bad planning. And don't forget the water problems I had. <br><br>There is very lil' closet space so I had all my office supplies and winter clothes in boxes for the whole time I lived there.<br><br>Rent prices would increase by about 7% every time I was asked to re-sign.<br><br>The one thing they were good at was changing lightbulbs when you needed them. Location is really the only reason to move to this building.
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