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Randolph Towers

4001 North 9th Street

Arlington, VA 22203



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Resident 2000 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/07/2007
I've lived here for going on 7 years now and you really can't beat the Randolph Towers. It's in a prime location, and while you do pay a good amount for it, rent levels are nowhere near any of the other properties in the area. There's two grocery stores within walking distance and it's two blocks to the Metro(really, you don't even need a car if you live here...I've been carless since 2000 and it's never hurt me, plus, they have zipcars parked outside the building if you really need wheels).<br><br>Maintenance and upkeep: it's usually been my experience that when something breaks, they'll usually just give you a brand-new appliance. Many of the appliances in the units are originals (dating back from probably the late 80s). I even asked for a new oven (mine was on its last legs, but still working) around 1pm one day, and when I got home at 3, it was already installed! The building is very clean (one day I opened my door to discover that they were dusting the doorframe!).<br><br>Like another reviewer, they did screw up on the move-in reservation for the elevator (can't remember if they botched and gave me the wrong time, or just didn't have me listed altogether). In any event, be sure to call a day or two ahead of time to make sure they still have your reservation (when I showed up and they found out they futzed my reservation, they actually suggested I reschedule the move in!)<br><br>Noise: a mixed bag. Generally it's pretty quiet on my floor, but you can definitely hear foot traffic go by in the living room, even if the people are conversing in normal levels. I can sometimes hear people's TV sets through the walls (some people feel obligated to blast their TVs, but a call to management usually rectifies the situation). Oh, and they've been tearing down/rebuilding the building across the street since 2002, and they're spewing forth even more condos in the area. They start work at 7am on the money, and will occasionally work weekends. Noise isn't terribly bad, but if you work the late shift, it may affect you. You'll definitely hear other people out on the balcony...one ------ even played his sax out on the balcony late at night.<br><br>Tenants: Most people are in and out of here in a year or two...very transient population, even for an apartment. I'd say most people are in their early to mid 30s. Most people keep to themselves...the few times I've said "hi" to anyone, they usually give you this weird look like I was from Mars. Down-home charm, it ain't. While I haven't noticed it recently, I do know that in the past, the RT hosted lots of interns. Loud, drunk, inconsiderate interns. Hasn't seemed to be a factor as of late, but consider yourself warned.<br><br>Safety: I'd be lying to you if I told you this place was Ft. Knox. Up until a few years ago, the two rear entrances weren't even equipped with a security card reader, so anyone could walk in off the street at all hours. They've fixed that, (and you can't get in the rear entrance at all after 8pm) but unlike most other buildings in the area, the front door doesn't require a swipe card or password. Even when I was first living there, I was never challenged by the front desk staff as to who I was or where I was going. I've heard the stories others here have said about people being assulted, but I can personally neither confirm nor deny that...but I won't say that it could never happen. I've never felt unsafe here, though.<br><br>Staff: overall, very helpful. Maintenance requests are usually acted upon same-day, or next day at the latest. They'll hold packages for you at the front desk. I've never had any bad experiences with staff (the building manager is exceptionally helpful!), but I do know that others have complained to me about some of the front-desk staff (not rude, just not overly helpful). <br><br>Rent: aside from one or two fairly sizeable increases, my experience is that increases usually average around 4-6% per year. I recall someone at the building telling me that they do try to keep tenants long-term. I've never experienced sharp increases like the Charles E. Smith properties seem to have.<br><br>All in all, it's a great place to live!
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Randolph Towers

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