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Randolph Towers

4001 North 9th Street

Arlington, VA 22203



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randolphresident • Resident 2005 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/18/2007
I've lived here 2 years. I'm about to leave - I feel like I can pay the same rent but get better bang for my buck across the street. Staff is ok - most are friendly with a few grumpy ones in the mix. The manager can be quite skeptical and make you feel defensive when you have a complaint but generally seems to address the issue and very quickly. The older gentleman who works the desk in the gameroom/gym/pool area can be quite abrasive if you interrupt his pool games. The lady who manages the garage parking only responds to stern and aggressive requests if you have an issue with your parking neighbors taking up part of your space. Maintenance issues have always been quickly resolved for me. My two bedroom is quite large and has lots of space and closets. Noise between apartments is what you would expect with my only real issues being the sliding balcony doors sounding like a sonic boom which can be annoying if you have 'outside' smokers living above you that constantly go in and out, and they walk like elephants. The worst sound issue is with the the front door - you can be way back in your bedroom and hear your neighbors putting their keys in the locks as they come and go. Not a big deal but my one neighbor has OCD and locks both bolts about 8 times while spinning around in some strange ritual. I've learned over time to ignore that. I do wish they had a privacy chaing or lock for when you are home - I've had maintenance guys enter the apartment when I didn't hear them knock due to being in the shower or in my bedroom asleep, but they leave immediatley if they realize you aren't fit for company and are very apologetic. There is no security - anyone can come and go, although for some reason the metro side entrance locks down at 8pm and even your security card won't work - this is super annoying. The location is amazing as it would be for any building on this block with the mall, restaurant/bars, and metro all within a block or so. The gym is ok, the pool is ok too - but only for exercise - since the chemical smell is too strong to hang out down there for very long, I was initially excited at the prospect of year round swimming, but I've found I never go down there since the hours of operation for the gym and pool don't include morning(so don't get excited at the free gym unless you only work out *after* work and before 9 pm) and am envious of the outdoor pool atmosphere in the summer that I see across the street. There is no ATM onsite but ones close by, the deli is ok if not very clean. The elevators completely blow and are often broken or messed up - But that seems to be a general issue in high-rises. I've found the guest parking to be fine and usually my friends can park in the evening and overnight quite easily and often. The appliances are all old and there are no icemakers. The water is free but the pressure is low. The heating/ac is unpredictable from room to room but my bills have never been too bad. I think it's a homey atmosphere here but would rather feel a little more secure with a higher level of class for the rent I'm paying.
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Randolph Towers

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