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Sheffield Court



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Office Staff
Resident 2000 - 2002 Recommended
Reviewed 03/02/2002
Wow, I have never seen a bigger group of whiners in my life. I have been here for over a year and though things are not perfect, I am well aware that it is NOT Sheffield Courts fault for all the supposed problems here. <br> <br>It seems to me that the people on here just want to play the victim - instead of looking at themselves and what they may have done to help the situation. If you have been here, then you know that this is an extremely pet friendly place, however, this is not the most pet concious place. I have seen people take their pets into common areas and let them take a dump where ever they please and not even stop to think if they should clean up after themselves. Do you know what rats and bugs are attracted to????? Thats right folks - your dogs waste products! Clean up after yourselves and help the problem be resolved instead of making things worse. <br> <br>Now lets talk about the parking. Yeah, it can be tough sometimes but I was not lied to by the Leasing Staff about it. They said that it was not always easy - downright tough sometimes but I have come home late late at night - like 1:30am or later and have found a spot on the lots. I have no idea why a little walk is so tough for you people. And if you have groceries, then put your freakin hazards on in front of your building, take the groceries up and then move the car. Not rocket science! <br> <br>The other thing people complain about it the price, well, yeah the rents are sort of steep. Have any of you gone and looked around the area lately? I looked at a studio up in the highrises not too long ago and it was not much bigger than mine and guess how much they wanted for it???? 1350$ No joke, be glad that these people are here or you would have that to deal with. <br> <br>And finally, for those of you who think that you are soooooo special because you have problems, well - welcome to the real world! We all have problems. Things we could not have forseen but these people are running a business, not a charity. I think that you seem to forget that. Yes, I have noticed that they have been unwilling to bend on some things but they are only doing their job. Would you run your business the way you all seem to want them to you because you are "special". I don´t think so. <br> <br>Bottom line is you need to get over yourselves and help make your community a better place to live instead of making it out to be the pit of the universe. I like it here, the staff are always ready with a smile and the Maintenance guys are prompt and polite. If you think something needs to be fixed why not try asking nicely.....instead of making thing things up on the internet! <br> <br>
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Sheffield Court

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