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3601-3701 5th Street South, Arlington, VA 22204
3601-3701 5th Street South, Arlington, VA 22204

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Stratton House



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arlington.gurlie • Resident 2010 Recommended
Reviewed 11/29/2010
Yes, they're not the nicest outside. They're old (built in the late 50s). Outside and the halls are really nothing to look at, but the insides are what you make it. Mine is absolutely gorgeous and I have amazing landlords. The pool could be open a little longer, but at least I have a pool! I've had no problems at all. A seal on the toilet upstairs broke and started to leak into my condo and the owners, plumbers, maintenance man, and managers were all so helpful and accommodating. I haven't see a single roach once and I work long hours and forget to clean my dishes often (at least I admit it). I've had no problems with my neighbors or the neighborhood. In fact, a friend and I drained her battery and a group of neighbors helped us push start her car at about 11 pm. The parking lot is well lit and the entrance is key-coded. I walk home 3-4 nights a week at around 10 pm and have no problems. In fact, I have even left for a 2 am slurpee on the weekends and been fine. Yes, there is a fire station across the street (yum), but the windows are double paned and you can't hear anything. Sure there are little things like being a little out-dated, but the good faaaaaaaaaaar outweighs the bad.
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Stratton House

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