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3601-3701 5th Street South, Arlington, VA 22204
3601-3701 5th Street South, Arlington, VA 22204

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Stratton House



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 - 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/16/2008
Some of those positive reviews look like mgmt reviews, not tenant/owner reviews... odd. We rent. Issues posted by poster in 2006 - still true in 2008: 1. Severe roach problem. Cannot get rid of them. Doesn't help that it takes weeks for the LL/assn to send someone out to spray. They travel thru cracks in the units and thru the plumbing systems. When your neighbor has roaches, you will too. 2. Constant plumbing problems. Broken faucets. Major pipe issue in one building a few months ago, causing flooding of an entire floor. You know where the condo fee is going right? 3. Dude goes into the kitchen to fix a plumbing problem, ends up setting the condo on fire. It spreads. Dude is maintenance guy, 'professional' plumber hired by assn, not 'amateur'. (Condo fee goes where?) 4. Condo we're in needs a working bathroom fan to combat mold/mildew! Can't speak for other units. 5. Have fun interacting w/the dim assn members. Generally hope not to have any contact with them; it won't be fulfilling. They could do well to do some research, to listen before speaking, and to think before deciding. Plus, neighborhood's going downhill. Tenants upstairs throwing cigarette butts & beer cans out their screen-less open windows, assn pretending not to notice. Observed strangers bring their cars to the lot for fixing on weekends, watched one train of 3 vehicles finish their repairs then watched 1 van back up into a tenant's white truck in the lot. All 3 cars took off without stopping. Luckily for that tenant, his truck wasn't scratched - I checked, with van's license plate number in hand - a smaller vehicle would have been damaged. Don't park in the middle area of the lot. Best things about this place: Location & always-available parking. Can hear birds chirping. Older neighbors are sweet people. We're totally moving. Thank goodness it's a rental.
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Stratton House

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