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The Buchanan

320 23rd Street South

Arlington, VA 22202


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buchananstinks • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/12/2005
The Buchanan needs to change its name to The Dumpster. This place smells so bad, you can't even walk through the corridors on the first floor without gagging. The combination of the restaurants, garbage and water problems makes me feel like I'm in the ------.<br>The "renovations" are a quick and cheap upgrade with poor workmanship. The staff is friendly until you need to say more than hello. Management has no accountability and points fingers at its vendors-never resolving the problem. Their maintenance staff is not competent and admitted to not knowing how to fix the water problems.<br>The garage is shared with the restaurants and is free on the weekends. This means that all the convienient parking is restricted from residents and we have to park on the lower levels. The elevators only go to one the resident parking levels, then you have to take the stairs to get the the lower. Good Luck if you have to park there, it's always flooding. Entrances to the elevator from the garage are filthy and smell awlful.<br>Also, several apartments are set up as student housing-you decide if you want to pay high rent to live in a dorm.<br>There are always cigarette butts and trash falling from the balconies. You have to walk through all this mess to get to the pool. The cleaning staff ignores it everyday.<br>It's an embarassment to live here. <br>
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The Buchanan

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